Finally, I understand, the woman's expense comes here.

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Finally, I understand, the woman's expense comes here.

2021-11-28 18:06:26 49 ℃

All children like this mother, that is, people who are comfortable, joy, confidence, and a lot of ideas.

There is such a taboo in our lives, that is, in the mind, I don't want anything, or I don't want to happen.

This is not this in your words: Don't let school! Don't get up late! Don't take the test! Don't write wrong words! Don't be late! no no no......

When your mind is thinking about these things, you can easily attract the edge, and it is also very easy to let your thinking is docked, caught in fear and consumption.

When male is doing business, it is easy to start our work, and the complex will be multiplied. Will make your efficiency decline, making your investment incomplete ratio. When this happens, we feel that life is difficult. Mom is also, raising children will feel hard, not relaxed.

Everyone has had such an experience, that is, their hearts are very relaxed when their fortune is very easy. If the consumption is increasing, his heart is heavy. Everyone with an expensive woman, do you think they are very stunned and calm?

So we must feel our thinking model every day, just like an expense woman, think more about what I want and which methods can help me solve the problem. With these thinking patterns, you will quickly find new solutions to deal with difficulties.

If we always think about nothing, we are worried about happening. Let our gas field, don't be frightened, entangled, and worried. If a child's mother, she has a sense of aggressing, which is very heavy.

Finally, this child will hate my mother to school, and the child will feel very shameful. But often to pay the most mother, that is, these very buning mom. In fact, the child is very afraid to become a mother, and the child will be particularly fearful.

If a mother is particularly chic, but the mother is very free, the child should bear a lot of housework at home, and all kinds of questions, the child is proud of these mothers. They will be particularly willing to sing at these moms. They want to live into my mother, and the light is like.