Mom is also a girl, just with you.

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Mom is also a girl, just with you.

2021-11-28 18:06:16 39 ℃

The end of the song: I am a mother - the old light / harp

"I know, you say how many times."

"You then are you then!"

"You do not find a good, you can not feel the world is not good."

# 01

Young, really like a fledgling little lamb, do not understand anything, just a big world out there, you want to strike out, it is to follow their meaning, who will not listen.

And the mother, would have been to someone who has experience to say the truth with us. But we are very young, just want to take risks.

To "explore" It's strange for us, and temptations of the world, for the mother repeatedly told already be forgotten ...

From October pregnancy, waist become hypertrophic, pattern on the belly, to the day of birth; the operating room - the anesthetic, catheter inserted, then laparotomy seven children wah-wah born, you cried, I laughed.

has it ended? Do not! Endured the pain to continue breastfeeding nipple Popi, and then began to stay up late, start twenty-four hours around one turn.

Who became waves of creamy perfume; clean and tidy clothes and become simple home service; become a research study diapers milk powder food supplement from cosmetic skin care products; adult supplies turned into the shopping cart items for infants; previous rouge gouache, and now makeup overturned.

These are a little girls become mothers look.

# 02

In the past do not understand why my mother can take a bath to wash so quickly, why the mother can not wash your hair for several days; Mom Why always wait until the meal was cold did not finish; why the mother is always on the table of the final finished; why the mother's clothes wear to wear to all those ones; why the mother's hands so rough; why the mother's skin is so bad; so why the mother is always nagging, why ...

"Wolf Children" fragment

From himself become a mother, why have all the answers ...

Because the shower door had a crying child ow; because one day the child is not home; because Guzhe crying child should eat; because the children, the children wanted to save money to buy this buy that; because the children after getting on, because the child does not sleep at night and stay up late; because the fear of children embark on their hard way.

# 03

With children, everything is good just hope the children.

You know, he did not become a mother before, I only know that my parents enjoy the love, only know their parents enjoy hard work earned money, comfortably lying in bed carefree.

When parents nagging, I just feel tired, feel fuss blind to worry about. Think of years later, much had hurt their hearts.

Finally become a mother I want to say: Thank you for your child to get, thank you with your pure smile warm me, thank you, little world of a mother.

And my mother: I'm sorry, I would understand that you stand in your position after you understand.

Mom is not the beginning my mother, my mother used to be afraid of the pain of love pretty timid little girl, but you have just become a mother.

Good night ~

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