Buy a house to the child, the demolition of the three sets of rooms, the daughter is rejected, the parents will complete the house

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Buy a house to the child, the demolition of the three sets of rooms, the daughter is rejected, the parents will complete the house

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If a woman is got with a child, it is the most painful, married to her husband will be disappeared, saying that he is a hen who does not egg, and where people are disappointing, so the heart is extremely uncomfortable, but also no way.

Therefore, many people go to hold children, give their own hearts, because they have a child, they are happy every day, they are uncomfortable, but I don't think I've been forced, and no one is willing to support children for others, and raise After the old, it will not necessarily give you the old age. Let's take a look at this story next.

Ms. Zhang 50 years old

I am 50 years old this year. I am 22 years old and married my husband. It is a more early marriage, but I didn't regret it. Because my husband really loved me, it is also very sweet to me, two people are more sweet, I have said before I have thought about the world, so I haven't had children, until I am 25 years old, I think it is suitable to be a child, and I see someone else's children, I also want to have a child belonging to us. So I will prepare for children with my husband, but I didn't think that this would want children to be able to defeat, but I was defeated by reality. On the road, the two are really enough, the hospital is checked out Ovar nest, so there is no child, this test report gives people heavy hits, I think if I don't pregnant in this life, it is very uncomfortable.

Husband is also very helpless, although there is no saying, but I know how much I want me to pregnant, so that they will hug grandson early, I have been a lot of gorge, and I have no mood, people have lost it. We have also thought about it, doing test tube babies, but with our current family conditions, we can't reach the conditions to test the baby, so this gives up this idea.

My husband saw that I was so uncomfortable all day, and I often said that if the two do two people do Dingk, don't be children, we have a happiness, just I don't want, I want to belong to us, what is the soil method I tried it, I tried it. I still have no results for two years. I want to give up, this mother-in-law said to me: Go to hold a child, and I will go back to it naturally.

I don't believe it, and I don't want to think, because I have seen how to raise my parents after the raising child, I don't agree, my husband is also the same, but the mother-in-law will hit us to hold the child, There is no way two only agree, I am hurting, and if I really make myself pregnant?

So my mother-in-law hugged back a child, but also said that relatives, relatives and family, children are too much to raise, so let us raise, when I first saw the child, I took it His little hand, he laughed, this moment melted my heart, and he had accepted this child even more, and finally I gave my mother-in-law 8,000 yuan to give my child parents.

The child's arrival, let our original sad life bring happiness, all over the day, face the child, in the face of children, I will slowly get out of my children.

Time flies very quickly, the child is growing slowly, just thinking about this, accidentally found that he was pregnant, jumping happily, ran to share with her husband, the family is very happy, than It is also happy to say that this son gives a blessing, so it is more sad from that.

Pregnant in October, I am very careful, and I am afraid that I am not careful. There is still other bad things. The family also takes care of me very carefully. It is a daughter. It is a daughter. I am very pleased. I finally have two people. It feels cute.

As time, my daughter slowly grew up, but as children slowly grew up, it may have been jealous of everyone, and those big moms have begun to gossip, saying that the eldest son is hugging, now there is daughter, Will you abandon anything, say a lot, slowly pass it to your son's ear, even though we talk to the big son, let him not listen to those aunt, still love him in your heart, and will not With my sister, I will abandon you, those words, but he still didn't hear it, which made the original filial son began to alienate.

Son since knowing that he was posing, the character changed, and the learning was not well learned. I learned a bunch of bad problems, and I didn't read it in the junior high school. I didn't go out. I didn't have it. Seeing something, I think he is happy, I have never thought that he brought back a girl, he said that he would prepare to get married, but also pregnant, although this son didn't have it before, but it has been used as a bi-life. Therefore, we will take the money to give them a marriage of the scenery, but also set up a set of rooms.

I thought that my son had a family, it would be ripe, but he is not only responsible, but it is nothing to do so, and his wife is like it.

Seeing that he hate iron is not a steel, it is really mad, but there is no way, you can't let them be hungry, so we have raised them in these years, and since the son see us, he will raise them. It is more harmonious, and when he wants to say hello to him, he will say that we are not his own parents, there is no qualification, he is almost mad every time, he said: You are there. Wrong, but in these years, we have not yet died, and never treat you as a foreigner, always treat you as a child, but the son is in the words of these, it doesn't matter. Time has been in the past six months, the old house in the family has been demolished, I have a three sets of houses. I understand this time. I am not a child. I am not familiar with it. No matter how good we have, he feels that this is what it should be .

After the house, I gave a family of children, and finally left a set to myself, but the eldest son said that two sets were him, but also said that my daughter went out, there is no right to get home.

I didn't expect him to say this, so he is also a child, even if you don't say anyone, shouldn't you say? He has never been able to converge so long, it is really cold, then he still threatened us, so give the house sister, don't expect him to give us a pension, there is no obligation.

Although we all made him, raise our adults, but they didn't think of the old age, let him endow the old, he really let us feel cold to the bottom.

After seeing the child, we decided, put the houses, and lived in the same time, even if you lived in the old feelings, then you can't blame them, there is no need to come as good as before.


Although not all kinds of raises are not familiar, look at individuals, just this child has a strong self-respect, can't say that he is a raised child, leading to his ultimate rebellion, so no matter how you pay more, you have no Complete.