Eat ovulation drugs, pregnant with 8 cells, "magic" drugs, can people who are round people's more dreams?

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Eat ovulation drugs, pregnant with 8 cells, "magic" drugs, can people who are round people's more dreams?

2021-11-29 18:06:26 80 ℃

A few days ago, Zhengzhou had a woman, because he ate to promote ovate drugs, accidentally, and at once pregnant with 8 cells. It became the topic of news.

After reading this news, some female friends have moved another brain: "Xiao Hongjie, if I want to have a multi-cell, is it possible to eat some to promote ovate drugs? One time can be a few, improve efficiency, How good! "

This idea can be, but it is really not smart.

Clinically, it is very uncommon to taking a selection of infertility, but for women who can normal pregnancy, it is very unwise to taking the ovary ovate medicine in order to raw multi.

First, women eat the chance of eradication of the ovulation, and even the chances of multiple cells are very low, not everyone will pregnant with the chances of multiple cells. A case like Zhengzhou is too rare.

Secondly, the ovary is forcibly discharged from ovaries. Generally, the quality of the pecarns is not good, it is easy to die, even if it is bonded to a fertilized egg, even if the sperm is not good, the affordable egg is not good, causing women to cause women. pregnant.

In addition, it is obvious that the side effects of promoting ovulation drugs are obvious. The ovaries are constantly ovulating under the stimulation of drugs. It is easy to cause women's menstrual irregularity, ovarian premature agglomeration, and a few people will suffer from ovary tumors.

Finally, even if the mother passes the twins or multiple tires in the drug, the mother will bear huge risks during pregnancy, and it is easy to cause various obstetric syndrome, and the fetus will also have problems with low malnutrition, low weight, and poor survivability.

There have been real examples in history. In the 1970s, in Italy, there was a 35-year-old woman. In pregnancy, he took a lot of projection drugs, with 15 fetuses, but there was no survival.

A australian woman taking the ovate drugs, in 1971, the nine-cell tires, but only 6 infants survive.

Everyone can think about it, even if the pregnant mother in Zhengzhou is 8 cells, can you really support 8 children?

The mother of Zhengzhou pregnant woman frankly: the burden is too heavy. Pregnant women also said that they only want four or five.

Some people say, don't there be a reduction, if I don't take the initiative to lose a few?

At present, most of the tire pregnancy, for safe delivery, it is used to use the abortion, which is vaginal puncture inspection and abdominal puncture inspection, rapidly penetrating the fetal heart tube pulsation, pressurize the method of sucking the placenta tissue.

But this is good to reduce the abortion, pregnant women are both painful and side effects. Moreover, any surgery is risky. It is not very unlucky. If it is improper, it will endanger the fetus who wants to retain.

So, if you want to give your child, you still have a natural nature, don't think about what shortcuts, take drugs, come to the end, will only be guilty.