Test tube is a gambling, what should I do if the test tube repeatedly failed?How to adjust?

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Test tube is a gambling, what should I do if the test tube repeatedly failed?How to adjust?

2021-11-30 06:03:11 59 ℃

It is undoubtedly cruel to a gambling. To do test tube babies, not only these families have strong financial support, but also need to have the courage to take risks and the determination of repeated defeat. I hope that you can put flatness, steady and stabilize, believe "good pregnancy" nature!

What should we do if there is a "repeated test tube failed"?

First, adjust the mentality, facing and face problems with positive attitudes.

Many sisters are overcompersely anxious because of the failure of planting, and even emotionally unstable and insomnia, thus aggravating the body's non-recognition of embryos, causing replant failure. Therefore, the adjustment mentality is important.

Second, actively find the reason for the failure of planting.

Despite the failure of failure, it is sometimes the result of multivariate synthesis, and it is still very important to find out if you find a clear reason can avoid failure.

Most doctors will suggest that the laparoscopic joint examination is mainly the uterus. Disease diseases such as endometrial polyps, endometrial adhesions, uterine fibroids, tubal water, etc.

Third, we must check the blood type and coagulation system of both husband and wife.

Check the spouse of both sides. Coagulation system. Chromosome. Immune system. Special virus, etc., exclude other factors.

If the problem is found, it will be treated in time. If there is a problem in the immune system, the immunotherapy such as desensitization can be performed, and the embryo transfer can be greatly improved.

Fourth, advocate embryonic test before transplantation.

Aged couple (both ages more than 35 years old), have a history of planting failure, a history of family genetic diseases, diagnosis of pre-embryo transplantation, but also known as PGD / PGS operation, eliminate dysplasia embryos, choose a well-developed embryo planting It can increase the success rate of 50%.

PGD ​​technology is considered a routine operation in the United States, ie, almost all embryo transplants must be screened to avoid repeated planting failure.

Fifth, strengthen the conditioning of women's own, has a great help to avoid the failure of repeated planting.

Just like the emotional adjustment mentioned before, if you take co-enzyme Q10 before leaving the ovity. Folic acid can effectively improve the quality of egg and sperm; take aspirin before entering the treatment cycle. Blood drugs, effectively improve the coagulation function.

The above adjustment and preparation can effectively improve embryonic development potential, improve the endometrium to the endometrial acceptance, and then cooperate with immunotherapy, there is a good effect on avoiding the failure of the repeating plastics.