26-year-old woman infected HPV, I found pregnancy, do you want to terminate pregnancy?Pregnant women caught two difficulties

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26-year-old woman infected HPV, I found pregnancy, do you want to terminate pregnancy?Pregnant women caught two difficulties

2021-11-30 06:02:10 39 ℃

Zhou Ting is 26 years old. She once thoughtfully, private director was red puple, and she has been actively cooperating with treatment. She suddenly found himself unexpectedly pregnant, her heart is a few days ago. I really want this baby, but I am worried that HPV will not be transmitted to the child, so she is very upset, I don't know how it is good.

Zhou Ting's husband suggested that she will consult a doctor to see if this child can. The doctor honestly tells her that in general, it is recommended that HPV infected people will plan to have children, but HPV infections are not absolute taboos for pregnancy. If you get rid of your child because of infected HPV, this decision is really too sorrowful.

Since Zhou Ting is infected is the HPV54 model, this is a low-critical HPV, so it can continue to pregnancy after the exclusion of cervical lesions, even if the high-risk HPV is infected, as long as the pregnancy regular review, most pregnant women can safely . The doctor also got a lot of considerable attention, and the birth inspection must pay attention to the maximum degree of infection and abortion.

Of course, Zhou Ting has a very worried question, will it be transmitted to the baby HPV? The doctor also tells her that it may. Because the fetus may be infected with the birth of HPV, it will not cause baby premature birth, abortion or malformation, and the baby is infected with HPV. After birth, it can also rely on its own immunity. So pregnant mothers don't have to worry too much.

Zhou Ting listened to the doctor's detailed explanation, and put down his concerns and concerns. She has made determined to have this baby, and the doctor also provides some suggestions for her pregnancy to help HPV. Let's take a look. Bar.

Pregnant women do 3 things a day, can help HPV to turn over the same day

1, increase more nutrient intake

Pregnant women supplement nutrient substances during pregnancy not only beneficially, but also helps enhance resistance, faster to remove HPV viruses in the body. Such as [selenium] is essential, selenium can activate immune cells to help remove free radicals, repair women's damaged cervical cells, help HPV to turn in yin.

2, exercise properly

Pregnant women should avoid intense exercise, but they can not sit in or lying one day. When you are fine, you can go to your outdoors. You can also practice some pregnant women, and help the immunity, improve blood circulation. Help.

3, work on time, get up early

If you want to clean up HPV faster, pregnant women must not stay up late, should develop a good habit of regular work, it is best to go to bed to sleep, guarantee 8 hours or more effective sleep, which can help HPV smoothly.