Son sleeping bedroom parents sleeping kitchen, a family squeezed 24 flat huts, netizens: You have a second child

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Son sleeping bedroom parents sleeping kitchen, a family squeezed 24 flat huts, netizens: You have a second child

2021-11-30 06:02:41 43 ℃

Since the open two-child policy, pocket pocket mom and dad do not want to discuss a second child, if able to add a little sister to the little pocket, not only can inspire his manhood, he can accelerate physical and mental growth.

However, the second child is not a simple add in a bowl and chopsticks on the table, which is hidden behind a lot of practical things, such as spending on education.

So, pocket mom did not dare to second child.

However, the mother found a pocket of interesting things in life, it is the poor prefer to have a second child, they do not seem to consider the time, effort, money and other issues, and the status quo which could cause some bleak.

? Son to sleep parents bedroom to sleep kitchen, a family of four crowded 24 square hut, the poorer the more really love a second child

In Suzhou, there are a family of four in a crowded 24-square-meter house, one bedroom apartment is simply a hall a kitchen and a bathroom, if three people live, barely able to go on, but four people live, the quality of life would be seriously Influence.

Of course, this is love for the child's parents inside their eldest son left the bedroom, living room left to the younger son, sleeping in their own kitchen.

After the father put his daily life made into a video to the web, but with the text said:

"My wife and I would wash bedspreads once every two days, no kitchen hoods, cooking smoke will put every bedding, sheets blackened, smoke doors and windows open even if it is difficult to solve, but sat on the bed cooking It was quite novel. "

Living only 13 square meters, 3 meters and a sanitary napkin, kitchen and bedrooms down conversion will increase with only 8 square meters.

It is difficult to live in this environment, two children's growth is not smooth. In particular, the eldest son, introverted, and even some low self-esteem, do not like to talk to other people.

The younger son live in the living room, even the doors are not, their privacy exposed, which also led to them do not like to talk, and even communicate with their parents have become a rare phenomenon.

If a room is small, but renovated, we will live through it.

However, this small 24-square-meter house, just an old-fashioned Tongzilou, no long-term maintenance of the house, a lot of plaster were falling, bare wires exposed, very dangerous.

Now, the parents had also seen the error committed, they put little son to the grandparents' house, this house is too slightly larger space.

After users see this video, mind is quite mixed feelings, have in the comments below.

Small lazy @: there are more than a decade of my colleagues home mortgage is not yet finished, a family of five in the crowded two-bedroom, and now have to prepare a second child, the second child of parents say are selfish. After her family will not go home, regenerated second child lived not open.

When the clouds @ wish: such a small house, a person can not live, let alone four. Children is not wrong, wrong confuse their own position, you Why the hell a second child?

@ Big Pineapple: I have always felt like a baby girl's weight, what eighty-nine pounds dare to eat a hundred pounds forty-five also dare to eat anything, it is about those a hundred pounds, and consequently can not eat.

Sure enough, the poor and the rich are like children, like me middleman, or forget.

So why the poor prefer a second child?

? Like poor children, may be the traditional thinking at work

In fact, like the poor children, not necessarily inspire courage in them, but they have not thought about the future, taking into account only the past when a second child.

In the past, older people have more children, more happiness of traditional thinking, when economic backwardness, can afford to raise children so much, let alone now?

? Second child is not wrong, but the effort impure will harm baby

Sichuan, a couple who gave birth to 11 children in 15 years time, when asked why so many children to be born, the father boasted said:

"As long as these children, there is a promising future we will be transported home, the whole family a better life."

If the purpose of the parents of two children impure, complete the child as a "tool man" wanted to count on him to feed themselves, and that is the biggest mistake.

And refuses to support, and of course hateful. But the children as "tools", such abhorrent as much as abandoned children.

Therefore, parents want a second child, the courage of light is not enough!

? Parents want a second child, you may wish to consider their own free time

Birth to a second child, but also confinement mother, taking care of two treasures, she has no time to work?

If the mother go to work, the old man is not around, the child who is going to care?

The child's own home, so take care of the big treasure two treasure, this method does work.

However, after the birth of a child without parents to accompany the growth is bound to be affected.

? Light there may not be enough time, money is the fundamental factor

Many poor people when a second child, would take the older people, for example, they do not also had a bunch of children? Who says money can not be a second child?

This, we may be unable to completely refute the other side, it is contemplated that the present and past differences.

① the current high prices, low prices of the past, while wages did not change the price change quickly;

② past child can no culture, big deal went to learn a craft master bread. Today's children need educated, even learning a craft will face fewer jobs, a large competitive pressures;

③ past every household has land, self-sufficient, but now only the rural people, the poor people of the city have planted it?

So, now the poor life can't think of the past, but to see it forward! If you are born, you have to consider marriage problems. Even if you are born, you must consider all expenditures, these needs money! ? There is a time to have the condition of the second child, the idea of ​​Dabao is also very important.

In the movie "Future of the Future", the 4-year-old boy, the 4-year-old boy, welcomed the born sister. At first, he didn't know what the arrogance of his sister gave his life.

But with the time of time, he found that the parents were originally sent to their own love, all shouted to the sister, and he felt that his love was taken away by the sister.

It is this, he began to become hate sister, so there was a striped word in the play;

"I don't like the future."

It can be seen that when the parents want to live in the second child, they must talk to Dabao, listen to Dabao's opinions, otherwise the Bao is born, Dabao has no mental preparation, it will easily produce a lot of trouble.

Is there a courage to have a second tire? Whether it is the poor, the rich, or the middleman, it is necessary to calm down to consider itself and family conditions, otherwise, don't fall, the quality of life will fall, and the child's growth is not good.

Dear moms, dad, do you think that 24 flat houses live enough? How do you think about the phenomenon that is more and more born in the second child?

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