Sick mother-in-law hopes to be taken care, the daughter-in-law refuses, the son support?

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Sick mother-in-law hopes to be taken care, the daughter-in-law refuses, the son support?

2021-12-01 00:09:07 114 ℃

If the past life raises the child, it is for the so-called "raised children and anti-old". In the era of "old people" in this now, the born children are more in order to experience the feelings of their parents. At the same time, after the old body is weak, although there is no filial son before the bed, the children can always be accompanied by occasionally, it is also very happy.

But the ideal is very full, showing a very bone, and many times the children can neither guard in the past, some even even more accompanying, most is forced to live, have to go to work, but also subjective factors It is refused, not willing to take care of the old people in the illness.

During the epidemic isolation, Zhou Li's mother-in-law life is extremely irregular, often in order to watch TV series, after a meal, after a long time, the old stomach is recurring. Zhou Li's husband actively coordinated various resources, and finally took the mother to the community hospital and made a simple examination. The doctor said that there is no big problem. It is to pay more attention to daily diet. Take medicine on time to avoid cold stimulation.

After returning home from the hospital, the mother-in-law cried, she pulled Zhou Li: "Daughter-in-law, I can only trouble you with this body, do three meals a day, doctors said special Notice."

Such a serious and serious scenery, I am scared to Zhou Li, she doesn't worry, "Mom, what happens?" How do you say it? "Wen Yan, the mother-in-law began to wipe tears, then Zhou Li Husband is taking the courier to enter the house, he inserts his mouth: "Nothing, don't worry, don't worry, don't make the law, you stare at the mother and take medicine on time!"

The mother-in-law's tears were hard to go back. She replaced a pair of angry expressions, saying Zhou Li loudly: "What happened? The mother-in-law needs to take a good rest, need people to take care of it, the daughter-in-law should be served next to it!"

"Mom, there is no problem, you are all small things, pay attention to the diet, you remember to take medicine, I have to take care of the child, I have to feed three meals a day." Zhou Li carefully explained.

Seeing that it is no longer able to make the daughter-in-law, my mother-in-law took out the old routine of Sacred, pointed at Zhou Li's nose: "How do you have a wife, now it is to be with me? You really have no half your filial piety! "

On the side, I can't see the whole journely. He also changed a strong attitude to my mother: "Okay aunt! You are not a big problem, don't need bed rest, but still It's a person! Zhou Li took the child, I have to go to work, no one is waiting for you! "

This attitude, Zhou Li is no longer seen in the first time. Whenever the mother-in-law is unreasonable, the husband will take out the same attitude as his father, and the results are always very effective.

Everyone wants to have filial sake, but the so-called "filial piety" is also not a speech. Our education also stayed in the "obedient education" stage, thinking that the obedience is the most important quality, but in fact, it will reduce the enthusiasm of the child, kill the child's nature, and even hinder the future development. .

The most ideal state is that we have to ensure that you are comfortable, you can enjoy your parents. Only the children are really happy enough to bring their parents to be happy. In turn, only the relationship that makes people feel happiness can bring up the courage. In that, I don't need any parents to ask for any request. The child will take the initiative to consider the parents, and I will be happy to achieve my parents.