The 8-year-old boy is in the rainy night by his parents: educating children must be emotional before, and constrained

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The 8-year-old boy is in the rainy night by his parents: educating children must be emotional before, and constrained

2021-12-01 00:08:51 46 ℃

Educating children never have a chance, when children make mistakes, compare shadows to their children with you, and should be used to face and solve problems with their children.

I saw such a short period of time:

A 8-year-old boy is in the night of the rain at the intersection, only plastic slippers on the feet.

After the police queried: The original child did not write because his mother did not write, but he did not only play him, but also took him down.

The police then contacted the child's parents, but the child's mother's phone did not answer, and the child father came to the child after the first time did not care about the child, but a child.

The police angry directly and dad:

"Go home should be good education, educate children can't be very simple!"

Netizens have commented:

"It is not that the homework is not completed, is it necessary to treat your own children like an enemy? More than the mother!"

"This is the parents, so teachers, the child will recall it later, will definitely have opinions on parents, and wait for the rebellion to the designated tube."

"The sky is so dark, I still have rain, just catch the child, don't you worry about your child's safety? If you have something, you have regretted!"


When the child took the car by her mother, standing in the streets of the night, this night, the rain was not only cold, but the child's heart may also be cold into the child's heart.

Li Mei said: "Educating children must feel the emotions before, and they are constrained."

When the child has a problem, the parents should do with their children to find ways to solve problems, rather than indifferent lessons or out-of control .

No temperature

Teach you children you want

Yin Jianli, educator, once said:

"Violent education can make children coming obedient, will not let children become smart and sensible; let them be obedient, will not let them consciously and up -

Violent education can get some temporary, surface effect, but it is at the expense of children's overall degradation and depression. "

It may suppress a moment, but you can't teach you the child you want.

My junior high school classmate, he accepts "Wolf Dad" Education.

The small military score is biased, I like to play basketball and get along with us very well.

Our two are not far away. When passing by his family, we can often hear the little military parents' screams, sometimes because of playing late and classmates, sometimes because the results are returned ...

At that time, the junior high school boys were very popular, and the young army was also taking advantage of the trend of thalf and taking the barber shop. After being seen by the class teacher, he immediately called the parents.

The parents of the young army rushed to the school. I didn't say that the young army took out the department.

After seeing the window, I saw the young army father grabbed his hair, while squatting on the wall, the little army mother greeted:

"You have no things, you can't learn, you know how to get these mess, how do I have such a son!"

Later, the young army was led to shave a bald head.

Later, I would like to see the small army's figure in the classroom. He will go to the wall to play games, or hide in the toilet and a group of people who are fluid.

When I got home last time, I heard that my mother mentioned the parents' parents, now the hair is white, the Xiaojun has sacks their contacts from the work, and I will not go home in the first year.

The child's problem is just , because of his parents.

The young army did not make a look like his parents.

That day, as the hair was shaved, there is also a fragile self-sensitive self.

There is no temperature, and the education that is emotionally taught does not have ideal children, because children don't remember their mistakes, but he will remember the emotions of their parents, remember the punishments they suffered.

The punishment will cause four "R" in the "Positive Perspective" book.

1. Resentment - "This is unfair! I can't believe in adults!"

2. Revenge - "This time I won, but I will pull it back!"

3. Rebellion - "I am going to dry, to prove that I don't have to do it according to their requirements."

4. Retreat (Retreat) - a. Snoving - "I will never let him catch it next time." B. Infine - "I am a bad child."

Without temperature, I will only buried four "R" seeds in the child's heart. One day, I will break the soil, become a thorns, hurt the child, and finally anti-parents.

Indifferent education

Will only defeat the child, will not defeat the problem

When the child is mistisked, it is just when he is most like.

If this time, the parents give only the abyss of the problem may be pushed down.

In September last year, a 14-year-old boy playing poker in the classroom, after being reprimanded by the mother, the people did not pay attention to jumping from the 5th floor of the teaching building.

Push your child downstairs, not the little problem, but the indifference and rude palm.

Simple and rude education gives children an irreversible trauma. When you fight your child, he will not stop love you, but will stop love yourself.

A netizen shared his feelings from the child, and the experience of being smashed during the childhood has become a dream: "I can't get the shadow of my life, I don't want to mention this, and I have The wound is torn.

For parents, I just do my obligation to take care of them, give them money, but I can't afford to live, I can't sleep for a few nights, although she is no longer smashing me. Also care about me, but no matter what she does, childhood shadows have been deeply imprint in my heart. If we don't have a family next life.

"Good mother is better than good teacher" to write this:

"The way to fight can never give your child healthy growth, you can only make his mentality distort.

A person with a psychological disabilities is much worse than a physiological disabilities, and one is terrible. "

When the child has a problem in growth, the parents should do the problems with their children, not to defeat their children with the problem.

Don't overestimate the means of taught

Don't underestimate the power

It is not only a kid to educate a child, and the effect of the effect brought is not true.

Before the teaching, let love first.

Recently, there was such a father, my son left home, and the father didn't blame but silently took off her jacket.

I think, compare the child in the rain, this child is definitely warm, stability.

Educate the educational education is the most infectious.

My friend said that he met such a thing when he had eaten:

A family is sitting on the seat next to him.

The child is more lively, run around.

Since there is not a lot between the restaurant seats, the child will knock over the drink on the table.

The child was extremely afraid, and he looked at him with carefully, and he looked at his mother.

My friend thinks that the child is definitely criticizing this child.

Unexpectedly, the child's mother first made the child apologize, then went to the waiter, brought the rag, gave the rag to the child, let the child wipe the table.

After the child wiped the table, the mother took the child to wash the rag, and then gave the waiter, but also let the children say: "Thank you."

After returning to the seat, Dad asked the child: "Do you know what you are doing wrong today?"

The child thought about saying: "I should not run here to run."

Dad smiled and said: "Well, then I have to remember, don't run it in public, don't affect others, if you do something wrong, you must apologize to make a way to make up."

The child nodded.

My friend was very surprised because he accidentally broke the cup when he was a child.

But his mother is two words, don't say he, after you finish, after you finish, you will clean up your rotten stalls.

At that time, he didn't think he did his mistake .

There will be guilty at the beginning, but after the mother, he became anger, and even thought about secretly breaking other cups next time.

Parenting writer Jess:

"We often estimate your strength, but overestimate the means of administration."

"Love children" and "standing rules" have never contradictory, only the "rule" based on love is the binding force that makes children feel convinced.

For the parents are a practice, "repair" is not only a child, but also itself.

Parents should do more than educated education, parents should help children grow in the problem.

I have seen such a sentence:

"If each child can have a gentle hand to guide him, instead of playing his chest with his feet, then education can better complete his mission."

Really powerful education must be "Emotional in front, constrained in", is a cloud that promotes another cloud, is a gentle nourish nourishment of spring weather.

Point a "praise", I hope that all parents can learn to love children in the way children, go to educate their children in a child, more love, more patient.