Two hot moms, in addition to the stomach, these three parts are also the symbol of "being a mother", very obvious

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Two hot moms, in addition to the stomach, these three parts are also the symbol of "being a mother", very obvious

2021-12-01 00:08:39 57 ℃

Some people may be very curious, in addition to the relatively belly, women had not given birth and reproductive history of women also differ over which parts. In fact, we can be judged by whether the three parts of a female reproductive history, and these three parts is clearly a symbol of "mother", and then let us know about it.

You know, compared to childless women, reproductive history of women's breasts will be sagging. After some people may not understand why the woman has a child, breasts will sag, but is that women after childbirth, the chest should be larger fishes. In fact, mothers after giving birth to a child during breast-feeding, the breast does affect breast development is stimulated gradually become larger, but this performance is temporary.

Generally infants are breastfed grow up, mother to infant feeding at this stage, the secretion of milk will be, there will be some accumulation in the breast milk, this time will be significantly bigger breasts naturally, when the infant is not when required breastfeeding, the mother's body estrogen will decrease and lower chest some changes will occur, then gradually shrink after the large chest muscle tissue and fat loss will decrease, leading to sagging breasts.

Baoma from Hebei Tracy very enviable figure in a previous pregnancy, she has an impressive body curves, Tracy's husband often praise his wife's body beautiful, Tracy and he is very proud. But when she gave birth to a child, she began to find their breasts have a certain sense of drooping breasts feel limp, wearing only underwear, their only feeling chest stand up.

When Tracy at home with children, rarely wear underwear, because she always felt underwear will be bound by their own bodies, not convenient to do their own thing. But when she found her breasts begin to sag, often have to wear underwear, so that my chest upright restored to the previous state.

Although Tracy's husband do not care about his wife's chest down, after all, his wife went through to conceive that a hard process, but Tracy I always felt that a woman's body sagging performance of aged, she still miss the good before the body itself. Overall, the mothers of breast ptosis is a normal phenomenon, is every woman's reproductive history to go through physical changes.

In addition, the abdominal stretch marks is one way a symbol of "mother" of. 30-year-old Ran is already a mother of two, and once, when she was in front of the company's restroom mirror finishing coat, is to see young colleague of her abdomen white lines, co-workers was surprised and asked her abdomen appeared white lines how it is, she replied frankly this is stretch marks, as long as the child is born female will happen. After listening to younger colleagues interpret small Ran, Sidongfeidong nodded his head, the small Ran guess she was the first time I heard stretch marks.

In fact, she has always been there on his stomach stretch marks have become accustomed to, first, she will feel his stomach these white lines appear very ugly, I have been looking for a method for removing stretch marks, after all these white belly does not appear rules do not dare to wear Luyao lines to make their clothes.

At the same time, she wanted to stretch marks as the mother of a special mark, although does not look good, but at least prove their fertility, birth can lower the crystallization of love for the family, after seeing the baby will lament the great maternal love.

In addition, we can understand why reproductive history of women will appear stretch marks, because the human body has a thick layer of abdominal skin and muscle tissue, which has a strong elastic layer of the skin, after pregnant women, along with the uterus endometrial increases gradually increases in the abdomen, abdominal skin and muscle development start horizontal and vertical, due to the influence of muscle stretching, a section of skin will appear irregular lines. These lines in almost all of the mother's abdomen will appear, it is difficult to eliminate.

Furthermore, after the female "mother", the hips will gradually widen. Perhaps there are some Baoma found themselves after giving birth, and their buttocks and crotch before pregnancy compared with some even become somewhat large flat. In fact, this is because Baoma who at the time of pregnancy, because the uterus pelvis oppression vary stretch, when combined with the production of pregnant women, the pelvis needs to expand, thus widening hips postpartum.

If you want to improve the state of the hip and buttocks widened, it is best not to sedentary, to prevent excessive accumulation of fat in the hips, it is recommended Baoma often do some yoga or squat movement, of course, to the professional under the guidance of a fitness trainer can be conducted, if the motion action do not in place, there may be counterproductive.

All Baoma who, after giving birth, the physical changes will be more obvious, there may be out of shape even large changes in size, but if we continue to conduct post-natal exercise, combined with a healthy diet, I am sure you can figure Baoma changed again too hot.