The woman is falling down, and she still does not change after being divorced. When childbirth is in the hospital

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The woman is falling down, and she still does not change after being divorced. When childbirth is in the hospital

2021-12-01 06:06:33 40 ℃

Shu Bourburn said in the "Wisdom of Life": You have more rich, the less you can find on others.

More independence, less dependence, so maybe you can find your own happiness.

At two o'clock in the morning, a woman with a big belly came to the hospital alone, and when she saw her, she was going to be born immediately, and the situation was very critical.

The doctor immediately checked her, and found that the palace has been fully opened. You can see the top of the baby. If she will come later, the consequences will not be imagined.

With the help of the doctor, the woman has a birthday of a baby.

In our impression, every pregnant woman is a care object of the family as a treasure, because in their abdomen, the hopes of the whole family, the horse is not allowed.

So why this woman is alone in the hospital, how can her husband or relatives are with her?

Just gave birth to the baby, she said that she was already in a decomposition, relatives refused to borrow money.

When I mentioned her husband, Alan was tears, because she was divorced with her husband, although she did not agree, her husband did not have to stay.

One day husband and wife, the wife still pregnant with the child, how can her husband abandon her so worried?

Alan's husband was inquiry why the wife was helpless, and said the truth.

He is a divorce after discovering a wife who is pregnant with others.

Originally, for the family, the husband wants to persuade his wife to take the fetus, and a family will continue to have a good life. I didn't expect my wife to resolutely disagreed.

I am afraid that men can't tolerate their wives to give birth to others.

Alan's husband looked at his wife, he decided to choose this road to divorce, and his wife ends this embarrassing marriage.

As for Alan, why is Allant to pregnant with other people's children, the ex-husband said that because the two people will eventually have some contradictions, the wife actually has a relationship with others, presented the child.

In our daily lives, even if you have a good couple, there will be contradictions.

Finally, it can affect the stability of marital, not the contradiction itself, but the two sides are willing to solve the problem.

In this way, the ex-husband of Alan left her, and they havegan new life.

After clearing the reasons for the divorce of Alan, it followed, the statement of Alan and the ex-husband son, let people feel surprised.

Alan has said that two years ago, two years ago, my mother also had a child with another strange man, and that child gave other people to support.

Mom is also emotional when my mother is at home, and I have been drinking pesticides. He suspects that the mother may suffer from mental illness.

In order to clarify whether Alan has mental illness, she is taken to the hospital psychiatric examination to check, the doctor gives the conclusion by diagnosis: Alan is not a woman with mental illness.

It is very likely that the marriage of the husband for many years, let her suppress too much negative emotions, so the man who is looking for another window has become an indignant window.

In addition, the poverty of life also makes Alan hopes to change their own destiny by looking for a good man.

The woman who hopes to pin himself in others is a sad impression.

Do you have a brain with your own hands, is there only relying on the spirit and substance of others?

Whether it is with the forefront of marriage, Allah is still hugging others to take the initiative to take the initiative, and then suffer from ruthless harm.

She wants to change their lives through men, but they have been cruelly face each time.

It's been repeatedly played. This is her tragedy, or the sorrow of men who take us cheaper?

Humanity is always as pale in front of selfishness and greed.

Alan has a child, she only remembers the time and place of the child's biological father, and the man is Hubei, even the real name of the people can't think of it.

poor person must have something mean.

I can't sigh, as a woman, she actually puts themselves to this point.

In Alan Address, there is also a man who knows less than two months. The call record shows that she is constantly requested to buy various daily necessities for her new child.

When asked what is the relationship, Alan said that it is an ordinary friend relationship.

Alan's son gets the mother after the diagnosis of psychiat, he took the initiative to send some money to the mother, saying that it will take care of the mother's responsibility in the future.

The child is undoubtedly touched by my mother's love and tolerance, and Alan is also very happy.

"In a state in which the survival attitude is awake, people can overcome the eyes and questioning of others."

I hope that Alan has been embarrassed to self-respect and self-love. Don't hurt my son to love my mother's heart.

May she use her own hands to create happiness tomorrow, put the little daughter and grow up.

In this world, we want to get love of others, first of all, we must firmly love yourself, and hopic to hoping on others, always wrong.

We should understand that all the suffering is not the reason why you have fallen, this world can save yourself, or only yourself.

After watching, let's go, I hope you feel quiet, you have a wind and sunny tomorrow.