Do children need to be allergic cough with repeated cough?Seeing these judgment criteria will not be wrong!

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Do children need to be allergic cough with repeated cough?Seeing these judgment criteria will not be wrong!

2021-12-01 12:03:47 47 ℃

Every mother wants their baby to be healthy, especially now that the baby has a fever really afraid colds during epidemics. Now enter the winter cough, particularly children, in particular allergic cough. Allergic cough and colds are often concealed do not tell people, once suffering to escape, will again suffer the money ......

But how fast resolution? How symptomatic treatment? Today we take a closer clack clack!

Allergic cough is the most common threat to children with respiratory diseases of public health in the world today. When it comes to children with allergic cough when parents should understand the performance-related symptoms, then through effective drugs and care, reduce allergic cough to children the dangers of daily life.

Here to tell his family under universal criteria allergic cough in children:

1, the inhalation of irritant odor (chemical odor including cold air, smoke or paint, dichlorvos, air fresheners, perfumes and the like automobile exhaust gas) in contact with the bed or dust, other dust mite allergen can be increased; after strenuous exercise or laughing after will increase;

2, seizures often associated with the environment or time, as sooner or later have aggravated or aggravated at night, at home, increase, and so on outdoor ease;

3, more than two months with no known cause of chronic cough, cough mostly paroxysmal irritating cough, or a small amount of white foamy sputum; nausea or vomiting, severe cough in children.

4, the cough relief as ordinary people, auscultation, film or CT no significant abnormalities.

5, without fever, may be associated with itchy throat. Using a variety of antibiotics ineffective.

6,40% of the patients can be combined sneezing, runny or stuffy nose and other symptoms of allergic rhinitis, the child is also reflected in the nose rubbing, rubbing eyes, many foreign doctors called allergic rhinitis - bronchitis.

How to treat allergic cough

1, symptomatic treatment

On the medication should antiallergic agent, such as chlorpheniramine, ketotifen and the like, may also be employed as bronchodilators salbutamol, aminophylline, temporary relief of cough. For patients with recurrent after drug withdrawal should be timely identification of allergens, to take effective preventive measures, as necessary, with immunomodulation therapy. Parents should be fully aware of children allergic cough, avoid excessive abuse of cold medicine to the baby and cause other adverse reactions.

2, immune conditioning treatment

Allergic cough occurs, the body's immune response will decrease the number of cells TH1, continuously produce a variety of cytokines in allergen stimulation such as increased IgE production and eosinophil increase the immune response, contributing to the formation fluids towards the TH2 pathway immune response, children with allergic asthma cough allergy probiotic supplement Xinmin Kang may enhance the ability of anti-allergy, by enhancing TH1 type immune response to the regulation of TH2-type immune response due to allergies and overreaction. Modern medicine has proved closely related to allergies and intestinal microflora immunity is not perfect, the result of overuse of antibiotics will make more stubborn allergy, anti-allergy supplement Xinmin Kang probiotics to promote healthy intestinal microflora, thus contributing to the development and maturation of the immune system and damage repair reduced allergy specific antibodies IgE, balancing Th1 Th2 immune response, reducing the recurrence of allergy, the earlier the application the better the effect.

3, exercise method

Allergic cough pathological analysis, because the patient's body contain allergens, when patients with physical and physical decreased immunity, the emergence of allergies, decreased ability to adapt to allergens, cause allergic symptoms. May be enhanced by means of physical exercise, improve immunization, and enhance ability to adapt to allergens, but also for therapeutic purposes.

4, diet

Take care of any sick child, the general rule is delicious, light, nutritious diet. Because spicy food will aggravate cough, you should eat less salty, sour, spicy flavor and other heavy food. Give warm food, noodles, soup is very good. Do not eat cold food and beverage, away from ice cream, ice cream, ice soda. Rapid airflow when coughing away moisture from the respiratory mucosa, causing inflammation of mucous membrane water, pay attention to the children of fluids. If you have a fever, sweating caused due to the increased consumption of fluids, so drink plenty of water, eat more fruit.