I want to know how smart during pregnancy, 3 maneuvers have shown that, why bother to spend a big price

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I want to know how smart during pregnancy, 3 maneuvers have shown that, why bother to spend a big price

2021-12-01 12:02:52 43 ℃

Since the upgrade to expectant mother, I have to eat on my own body, but because of this little life's arrival, all the life plans are all disrupt, it seems that the future life is slowly this little guy, of course, although people Still a fertilized egg, even uncommon small Baby, but by the mother of the future intellectual development.

Then when the child is very small, in addition to the intellectual DNA testing, in the process of pregnancy, the treasure moms can understand the child's intelligence through these small details. Does the treasure moms have paid attention?

Father activities are frequent

Don't think that there is a small space, the babies can't act. In fact, when the fetus in the treasure mother's stomach, the prototype of the limbs has begun to distinguish, and the baby will be consciously active.

So some treasure moms said in the early pregnancy, it feels that fetal movement is normal. It is not caused by the psychological effect. After all, this treasure is different from the baby's growth. The fetal movement is not impossible. Especially in the morning of the morning, 12 o'clock in the night, the treasures will feel that the fetus turns in the belly, and even the phenomenon of kicking with the feet.

If your baby appears early and lively behavior, then congratulations, your baby is really a chair.

Pregnant mother spirit

After pregnancy, the mentally unsolved sleep body is weak. It is a sign of many expectant mothers. It is naturally considered to be a natural reaction during pregnancy. Of course, when a new life is in the mother, there will be some changes. Let the treasure mother increase the feeling, so we see the state of sleep when Bao Ma will wake up, feel there is no spirit.

But some treasures are displayed during pregnancy, which is better than pregnancy, which makes people in the side to envy the eyes. At this time, the state of Bao Ma and the state of the baby is not open. If your baby is more intimate, reduce the pregnancy response during the baby pregnancy, lethargy, etc., then the mothers will look at the beginning, then Explain that your baby doors are very high, so you know how to take care of each other with your mother.

Faster production

The speed of the treasure mother is related to a variety of reasons. First, whether the quality of the treasure mother can complete the production, the second is the baby's own situation, for example: body weight, head circumference, hip, umbilical cord around the neck. How much affects the process of production, of course, this is also an indirect way to test baby IQ.

It is important to know that the baby will not consciously let himself fall into the danger, and the life of the life has self-protection, so we can react through the baby's ability to judge the child's intellectual development.

Bao Ma, who has experienced experience, knows that the production time is very disadvantageous for the mother and newborns, so smart baby will make themselves in the most favorable position, such as the foot of the fetal position, volume Moderate, small head circumference, small amplitude, avoiding umbilical cords around neck, in fact, the above favorable factors will promote the shortened treasure production process.

So if your baby is well developed, during the production process, the treasure moms don't have to suffer from the birth pain during the production process, and the time is short for three or two hours.

Of course, in addition to the innate factor determined the child's intellectual development, the mother's future training is also very important. Don't be pinned in the development of pregnancy, it is recommended that the treasures can be cultivated, and these increases. Children's intellectual development is a good choice.