Christmas gifts are ready, just wait for her daughter to fight!

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Christmas gifts are ready, just wait for her daughter to fight!

2021-12-02 12:08:39 70 ℃

Author: Tremella

As a daughter slave, the annual Christmas gift is essential, while the music's toys are of course cost-effective, hands-on, entertaining, so they have never missed our Christmas gift basket.

This year I also prepared a Christmas present for two daughters. And also give you a look at the Christmas Gift I bought for my daughter in the past few years.

NO 1 Disney Story Adventure

At present, there is only the official flagship store with only Disney girl. And my family already has two owners and flower Mulan. Hualan on the road

NO 2. The Ice Castle of the Aisha, this is a small castle. My family is a large castle. In short, I will have a luxurious ultimate version of the Aisa Snow Castle.

NO 3. Aisa princess jewelry box little girl's mind, you will not understand, there is this jewelry box, two children are always willing to hide some small secrets, although Dad is very curious, but still want to respect their privacy of.

NO 4 London skyline

This is my London travel time I bought, at the time, two babies were learning Lundon Bridge is Falling Down, and I want to have this gift, so when I come back, I bought it at high prices at the airport. Later I think about it, I would like to buy it!

NO 5. Buckingham Palace

The reasons for buying Buckingham Palace, both, the two daughters know the British queen, real sweating. The official website has taken the Buckingham Palace, so putting the products of the Tokyo skyline. In fact, in Tokyo, our family has been visiting. You should buy a commemoration, good next year's Christmas gifts.

Well to write here first, I hope everyone can buy a good Christmas gift with a good price.

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