What should I pay attention to in the daily tissue?Pediatrician tells you

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What should I pay attention to in the daily tissue?Pediatrician tells you

2021-12-03 13:01:18 44 ℃

1. Long-term draw will lead to children's eyes, lips, and limbs deformation or stiffness. It will lead to abnormal bone development and take a long time to cure recovery.

2. Long-term twitching and non-autonomous speaking, the child's learning and attention, seriously affecting learning.

3. Children with vouch barriers are often laughing and refusing by classmates, which will lead to inferiority, loneliness and social fear. Unwilling to communicate with others, and may even lead to adult mental splits.

First, arrange a reasonable diet. Avoid greasy, cold, high-profile food. Do not eat spicy, seafood, instant noodles or drinks with caffeine during the illness. Diet, light nutrition, balance.

Second, avoid vigorous exercise. It is not recommended to participate in strenuous exercise during the illness, such as military training, long-distance running, competitive sports and gravity activities.

Then, there is enough understanding and inclusion for the child. Parents should communicate well with the school teachers in advance to avoid school criticism education for children. When the child is twitching, don't deliberately scold.

Finally, take care of your child. Parents need more time to accompany their children in daily life, communicate with their children, avoid excessive children's emotions, and urge children to reduce the use of electronic products and reasonably arrange teaching courses.