Parents should also have some "Buddha", rather than blind, "Dragon"

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Parents should also have some "Buddha", rather than blind, "Dragon"

2021-12-03 13:01:07 41 ℃

In real life, many parents have the compensation psychology of "Wangzheng", "Wang Jilong", "Wang Jackie".

Most of this phenomenon is for the goals they have, their own ideals, parents put all the hopes in their children. As everyone knows, this has a huge pressure on the child.

Some parents do their children to achieve their own purpose, even for children's domestic violence. If your child lives and learning in such a home environment, you may take your child to the opposite effect.

I hope this kind of parent can "Buddha", don't plan too much life in the future, the child grows up, there will be my own ideas, and potential. Put down the talle, bend down and play with your child, let the child can feel the close people. What can be discussed with your child, let him grow up, there will be a host to take out his own point.

Give your child some loose, free children will grow up healthily. To take into account the needs of your child. Give them a rich, enough experience background. Parents in the "Buddha" will become a sunshine that children grow up healthily.