Your child calls you "Mom" or "Mom"?The truth behind the difference, parents must know

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Your child calls you "Mom" or "Mom"?The truth behind the difference, parents must know

2021-12-03 13:02:22 55 ℃

In fact, there are many articles that have also been written before how to properly guide children grow.

For example, this article on population education, in detail, the psychological development of the child's 0-12 years and gives a series of recommendations.

To be honest, when writing this article today, the bacteria thinks two people:

One is your own child, one is my mother.

As a parent, we look at your child slowly grow up, and you will definitely be full of embarrassment and disappointment.

But as a child, we also have grown up by their parents.

What we are experiencing now, in fact, our parents have experienced, will also be able to experience our children in the future.

So here, the bacterium still wants to say:

In the face of our parents who grow up, we should accompany them in the range of strength.

I usually give them a call. I have time to go home to talk to them, let them feel that we still stay with them as a child.

In the face of children growing up under our care, we must prepare: watching them grow up, mature, and ultimately become a separate person.

After all, every parents can only accompany their children to finish a road.

We have waived good parents to go on their own, and our children will be the same.

What we can do now is to use education with love and respect, so that children can be better independent in the future.

Finally, if you agree with the point of view of the bacteria, you must remember to give this article [praise] + [forward].

After all, parents are the greatest profession in the world.

Editor: Su Su

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