Which brand of milk powder is good?Hai Pukai 1897 is also enriched for the baby "gastrointestinal" health

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Which brand of milk powder is good?Hai Pukai 1897 is also enriched for the baby "gastrointestinal" health

2021-12-03 13:02:25 68 ℃

Winter is here, for little babies, ushered in a nutritional absorption and body immunity. As a moment of paying attention to the baby's growth, you must not ignore the baby's winter nutritional needs, you must give your baby a formula of more pro-intact gastrointestinal absorption function. Which brand is the baby milk powder? Hainpino 1897-colored milk powder, with a unique "benefitable" formula, gentle care baby delicate stomach, add more vitality for the baby "gastrointest" health, praise by many maternal and child!

Hypino Kay 1897 relies on the "1 + 6 + N" global research and development system, continuously deepening maternal and child nutrition research, with breast milk for gold benchmarks, with more moderate, meticulous nutrition, and comprehensively enhances infants and young children's nutritional absorption. Hypinokay 1897 collapse, exclusive use innovation "benefit" formula, special addition of active probiotics BB-12 and probiotics FOS + GOS ingredients, the positive "double-tube" effect. Shuangyi combination ingredients can help regulate the balance of intestinal microorganisms, inhibit harmful bacteria, reduce the risk of gastrointestinal discomfort in infants and young children, so that the baby is troubled by intestinal problems.

Which brand of milk powder is good? Hainpino 1897

As we all know, 3 years ago is the growth of infants and young children, whether early nutritional intake is full of infants and young children's future development. Hypinokay 1897 is carried out for the nutritional demand in this special growth stage, and the α-milk albumin component is specifically added in the formula, so that the product is more relatives and baby gastrointestinal function, and it is more beneficial for infants and young children. At the same time, 5 nucleotides, DHA + AA, choline, lutein, taurine, etc. in the emission milk powder are added, which help to improve the baby's eyes, improve sleep quality and appetite, and maintain infants and young children. Early development requires nutrients.

Which brand of milk powder is good? Haptoon 1897, benefit, good absorption

"Centennial nobles, use love achievements", Hai Pukai 1897, continuing a hundred years of aristocratic genes and high-end quality. Milk powder is selected from the pure milk source of the Netherlands's 100-year family pasture, strict cow screening mechanism, ensuring that every drop of milk is produced from Hopstan, "Mother Cattle", and protects every baby's milk. Follow the millennial breasts, harsh quality management system, international standard authority certification, so that each detail of Haptoon 1897 collapsed milk powder highlights the high-end quality of the hundred years.

Which brand of milk powder is good? Hainpino 1897 is made, protect your baby nutrition and health

Which brand of milk powder is good? In the cold winter, I chose the Haptoon 1897 for the baby, starting from "intestines", accompanying the baby's healthy growth.