I will not be urgent for three months.

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I will not be urgent for three months.

2021-12-03 13:01:09 48 ℃

Xiaoyang girl got married for three months without pregnant, and the urgent bedroom is hard, always thinking that there is a nation-like disease, of course, this also has the pressure from the elders. In real life, some husbands have been married for more than one or two months, and some husbands have been prepared for several months or even two years. They are more common. There is a normal sex life for more than a year, no pregnancy is called infertility.

Xiao Zhang Yuyi does not show up, how can I be pregnant?

Pregnancy is a complex physiological process, and must have the following conditions: ovarian discharges normal eggs, semen contains normal activity, egg and sperm can meet and bind to a fertilized egg and are transported into the uterine cavity, endometrium Suitable for pregnant eggs. As long as there is a condition not normal, these conditions can hinder the occurrence of pregnancy and lead to infertility.

First, the egg mats and ovulates normally

Ovulation is a fairly complex physiological process. All aspects in the reproductive endocrine axle must be in normal state, and there is a problem in any part, and its ending causes follicles that cannot be discharged normally. The hormone environment of mature follicles itself is very important to ovulation. For example, the proportion of estrogen in the ovary solution is disordered, and it is possible to cause ovary to block. The rise of the lactarin can cause abnormal ovulation to indicate an important impact of endocrine factors on ovulation.

It cannot be ignored is that the spirit is over, often causes endocrine disorders, leading to hormone levels, often folat, and it is not possible to discharge.

No normal ovulation is generally not pregnant, pregnancy is the process of escal cell, no egg cells are unable to pregnancy, pregnancy should be possible in women's ovulation, ovulation period in women's next 14 days, of course, to ensure follicles It can ovulate normally during development.

Second, sperm semen is normal:

Male sperm quality is not good, female reproductive environment is good again, normal male once discharged from 2-6 ml, the number of sperm in the semen should be more than 60 million, there is more than 60% of the taste of activity capacity . Sperm fragmentation rate is less than 30%, and if the number of sperm semen does not meet the above criteria, it may cause women to be unpareed, fetal or abortion.

Third, uterus health:

The uterus is a place for fertilized beds and fetal development. If the uterus is small, uterine adhesion, endometrial thin / thick, endometriosis, uterus deformity, etc. .

Fourth, the endocrine is normal:

Endocrine hormones will not only affect follicles growth and discharge, but also affect the development of the fetus. This includes thyroid function, blood glucose insulin level, if women's endocrine is imbalance, they cannot be pregnant.

5. The fallopian tube is smooth:

The fallopian tube is a tool picking up the egg, transporting an egg and a fertilized egg. Therefore, there is only a smooth tube, and the peristaltic function is normal, and the egg, sperm, and fertilized eggs can be sent to the place, women can get pregnant.

If the tubes are blocked / adhesive / water / through, women who do osteotomas are not pregnant.

Six, doing homework skills

The normal and timing of the normal homework is also an important condition for pregnancy. It is necessary to arrange in the ovulation period, and the simultaneous life frequency is too high. Ovulation day.

Xiao Zhang suddenly said, I understand, get married for three months, no hurry!