I have been early education in 6 months, and I have got up for more than three years.

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I have been early education in 6 months, and I have got up for more than three years.

2021-12-03 13:02:13 66 ℃

Hello everyone, I call a brother, I have been 42 months. I started from 6 months, not going to class, just on the way to travel. Mom said to play, play middle school. I am a boy who loves questions, I am interested in all new things around me.

Speaking of early education classes, really fate! Because pregnant, I have seen the Qi Tian real book, the first impression, the small classroom, the expensive price! There is not much feeling for the experience class, and a bunch of flash card is quickly crossed from my eyes. Although there is a pile of question marks, it really likes its concept, it is the book to move me, so in the state of being rare, I registered.

After learning, I can't say that some points have a significant highlight, I think it is an embodiment of a comprehensive strength.

At around 2 months in class, the power of flash cards is reflected. Going to the import area of ​​the supermarket, the children can say the national flag of more than 30 countries, and the people around the time cast envious eyes.

In the early education class, I have been learning for half a year. The child's stability and rule awareness is already very good: the little foot will not move, the small hands will not be unable to put it.

The learning effect of the early education class is not immediate, it is gradual. Here, the comprehensive capacity of the child includes basic awareness, number, logical thinking, and language expression.

After that, I added another training class, and the ability of children will be more accelerated than children of the same class. If you have to say something, it is a more flexible brain.

Dear brother, in other people's eyes may be "chicken mother", but I think I am not, I hope to give you more opportunities, contact different types of education, so that you understand is happy.

It is because you can learn. We are not learning for learning, but the progress of life is to continue to study hard.

The teacher said: a brother child is a very very cute and warm boy, the teacher is willing to use all a beautiful vocabulary to describe you.

One brother and Zhou Teacher have two years in two years. Every time I go to class, I will give the teacher enough surprise. Every lesson is constantly challenging myself, and I can do very well in the classroom to complete the task of the teacher's arrangement. a lot of!

The linkage is a strong one of my brother. At present, the three-year-old course is 22 cards. One brother can basically speak independently, and my brother's imagination and creativity are extremely strong, there will be a lot of unique ideas.

Of course, this is also inseparable from Mom and Dad usually cultivated to baby creativity in life, often seeing Mom and Dad experience life with baby, contacting nature. These are beneficial to the child's proactive thinking, imagination.

One brother has a strong sensitivity in writing. The synchronous repertours on the class can basically answer, the teacher is particularlving. The accumulation of text after class must have less parents' patience, and every progress is worthy of joy.

Let the teacher are very touched that although a distant family lives, the attendance rate attendance is still high, and the special course has active participation. One brother especially likes the sound class, has been in a consecutive period.

It is also very fast to absorb knowledge absorption. From time to time, you will mention the contents of the class in class.

After the class, a brother is also a warm boys, I can always ask the teacher to say, and will give the teacher a big hug! Treating other friends is also a good friend, warm, such as jade.

So cute and universal brother is the pride of the teacher, is the pride of Mom and Dad, is a beautiful fairy tale.

The story later may include a hundred flavors, but it will be beautiful, the teacher wishes you health, happiness, and smart.