Is it difficult to make money with your child?The three kinds of parents have a very different attitude, decide the future

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Is it difficult to make money with your child?The three kinds of parents have a very different attitude, decide the future

2021-12-03 18:04:39 61 ℃

Focus education of children "little willing to" come to an end, there is a group of pictures is very dazzling, unforgettable.

Whenever the meter box with peach and Huanhuan, the audience can not help but worried, peach meters so cute and naive, academic excellence, in front of Huanhuan rich material life, but always feel a kind of lift their heads.

Mom and Dad have been let to let the peach meters Huanhuan, peach counting meters to lead the family "turned around", it was said, was "poor thinking" troubled peach rice, the future may not be able to have well-informed, to be spiritual, material "double eutrophication" Huanhuan more promising.

How the economic situation at home is the child told them the truth or choose to hide in good faith, the choice of parents to decide the future of the children!

Parents, and children should not be in the end that it is difficult to talk about money?

It is difficult to make money, you do not say is look in the eyes of children. Now the children how smart their insight and sensitivity to things, far higher than the parents and grandparents.

Face money completely avoided, neither sincere attitude, lack of rationality. Life daily necessities need to use the money, is not avoid "facts."

So Mom's attitude is sugar, and children "talk about money" is not shameful, the key to how you talk, this is a skill inside. Parents of three distinct attitude, decide the future of their children.

The first approach: the child is still small, too early to talk about money

Some parents believe that children should be a white one, should not be prematurely tainted "stench", and therefore refuses to talk about money, this knowledge of the child is also very lacking. Not easy to make money, spend money in a proper way, but they do not understand.

Recently, Tianjin, a second year student in a reward anchor within 70 days 1.58 million, an average day, more than 20,000 reward fight.

Parents lack of supervision on the one hand, for teens, for the paying the money no idea, really shocking.

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad," a book once said: "If you do not teach kids about money knowledge, the future there will be someone else to replace you to educate him."

Who is this "someone else" is the? May be a liar, traders, creditors, it could be the police.

Children from an early age about money vague, equal lack of basic social common sense, can easily be eliminated by this society, and not desirable.

The second approach: and the children, "poor-mouth" children of the poor early masters

Some parents banner of "poor to raise a child" slogan, and the children always blindly poor-mouth, "Mom and Dad how hard earn money ah, you see your newspaper a tutorial on the whole spent no more" "than we and others do not since, we are poor. "......

In fact, many families are not poor and do nothing to boil to the point, but children are accustomed to, and weakness in terms of money.

So raising children, become cautious, let alone dare to spend money, and basically afraid to spend money. The thought of any of his "unnatural" can make family bankruptcy, the child will become cautious, cautious.

Such children will inevitably self-esteem, alienation, lack of basic desire to spend money and vision, loss of large pattern, fear become "poor thinking."

This is a short-sighted, not good at thinking, thinking not motivated, able to seize immediate is the best, if not promptly change parents, children will be very difficult to have a big development.

A third approach: what the poor not poor education, what child is not suffering pain, hat and no cattle

Become a "slave baby" parents give their children spend money without hesitation, even without the bottom line and principles. Too spoiled child, the child will extravagance, but also that it is easy to make money.

Over time, the child will develop a selfish character, vanity, lack of gratitude, very easy to become a "Neet." This is not the ending I think parents want to see it.

How to train the child's right "concept of money"?

"Rich Dad, Poor Dad" mentions grew up without money conscious child will grow up to four encounter problems - lack of restraint consumer awareness, sense of investment, risk awareness and demand for the sort of consciousness.

We can not live without money, not only to the children and talk about money is not easy, but also help the baby to establish a correct outlook on money.

① appropriate to the child's pocket money, let the children learn to live within its means, its own bookkeeping. The economic situation at home may be open to children, so that children know what something is in the range of consumable, which is beyond the household expenses.

② let the children experience the hard work to make money, do some housework, or participate in social practice. Only hard work and sweat through their own experience, they can be more easily understood by parents to support their families.

Psychologists say that to their children's education money, essentially teaching them how to obtain and treat ownership.

③ Gentlemen love fortune, in a proper way, with the refined. Foster the children's savings capacity and financial capacity, the parents have to do a rational consumer, a good example.

In this materialistic society, parents are obliged to let the children know that money, although important, can not get it to do harm to himself, something unconscionable.

Sugar Ma Sui Suinian:

Intelligent parents and children never shy to talk about money, they would through their own efforts, let the child become a victim of money, do not let the baby for the parents of poor pay.

Here the "poor" has two meanings, one short experience, the second is material poverty. The child's basic needs should be met, and the "value" portion, is now the responsibility of the parents, good children's education, their future depends on the development!