Newborns "sleep" easy to develop bad problems?Doctor: Holding a sleep in the first three months, a lot of benefits

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Newborns "sleep" easy to develop bad problems?Doctor: Holding a sleep in the first three months, a lot of benefits

2021-12-04 06:03:36 74 ℃

For a lot of parents, take care of a baby just born baby is really a test, because the newbie should pay attention to all aspects of the newborn baby, and there will always be some panic for the unpredictable parents.

After a few months after birth, the time of general sleep is relatively long, so there are many parents may choose to sleep, and many people say that this is easy to let the children develop bad problems, then newborns sleep. Is it not good? The doctor reminds the parents, the baby's head is sleeping in three months, and there are still many benefits!

1, conducive to parent-child relationship

By holding sleeping, you can make your newboy, more familiar with the taste from your parents, and hiding in your parents, your baby will feel more peace of mind.

So in three months after birth, if you can choose to sleep, you can effectively close the distance between neonatal and parents, you can promote the relationship with parent-child relationships.

2, the baby sleeps more

Sleep has a better role for your baby, so if your parents can choose to sleep with your baby, you can feel your emotions to a certain extent. So the baby can be more stable after falling asleep, and can have better sleep quality.

3, add baby security

In fact, the baby will be surrounded by amniotic fluid in my mother's uterus, and it means that there is a change in the environment, which will cause new students to feel that there are some uneasiness, so it is likely to lack security.

When parents hold them to sleep, it is actually a state in the simulation of the uterus, which can effectively enhance the sense of security in the children, reduce their crying.

When the child is sleeping in winter, the parents can wrap them in the mouth, both warm, and increase the sense of security. The following is worth a try, its fabric is soft and comfortable, and the wrap is good, the key is still very convenient, the newbie parents can also get it!

1, the posture is correct

Parents are holding a baby to sleep, you can choose a gesture, such as with your arms to hold the back and hips, and hold the position of the calf with your hand, then gently hold your baby's head. Because the baby's head is relatively large, but the cervical vertebrae has no force, so the parents hold to pay attention to the posture, otherwise it may have an impact on the child.

2, time should not be too long

There are a lot of newborns, parents don't know how to come to Hug, even if the posture of Hug, it is not recommended to choose this posture for a long time. Although it can bring a certain sense of security for your baby, you can sleep for a long time, which will also cause your baby to affect the health of cervical spine and spine during the development process.

It is best to remind your parents, although the baby can sleep in 0-3 months, but after three months, the parents will cultivate them to sleep independence, otherwise it will develop bad habits. Parents can give them a small bed, but when the child has a trap, put them in bed, don't rush to go away, you can cultivate your baby, gently calm them with your hand until your baby is asleep.