The child's teeth are yellow and black, and the teeth are brush every day, and the doctor teaches you to properly angered.

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The child's teeth are yellow and black, and the teeth are brush every day, and the doctor teaches you to properly angered.

2021-12-04 12:02:27 67 ℃

Hello everyone, I am Wen Wen Dad!

In my previous consciousness, children will not be able to eat less sugar, hard to brush your teeth, will not be long! Can only read the daughter of the kindergarten class, the big teeth are noted .......


At first, I found that there was a teeth in the lower left side of the daughter, and I didn't feel the black. She didn't feel hurt. We didn't pay attention, thinking that sleeping molars grinding a piece.

Later, the kindergarten medical examination, found that the child's teeth were serious, the teacher recommended to take the child to the professional dental hospital to see. One examination, found that the eight big teeth in front of her were all.

Through the film, the 8 dental caries is still a face, starting from the teeth, and the surface does not pay attention, it can't be seen.


Because daughter is more than 5 years old, you will not change your teeth, dentist recommends: 4 direct complements of symptoms; four other than 4, need to be treated. When I listened to root canal treatment, my first reaction was refused, euphemistically asked: "Is it really rooted?"

"Only root canal treatment can delay the existence time of the milk; if not, the deciduous teeth will be missing quickly, and it may affect the child to eat, bite, and constant teeth can also be long." Said:

"I am wondering, the child has insisted on brushing your teeth every morning and evening, and the family is strictly controlled. She eats sugar, how can I ask?" I asked in confusion:

"Usually brush your teeth, only 3 faces of the teeth, and the other two faces are not clean; have you used a fluorine toothpaste with a floss stick?" Asked the doctor;

"There is no floss stick, toothpaste does not know if it is fluorine, bought children's special toothpaste", I replied;

"If the toothpaste does not contain fluoride, if there is no ipsum stick, the teeth are easy to hide the sagmented, more bacteria, will lead to dental caries", doctors explain;

I will talk to the dentist. I found out that I want my child to have a good teeth, doing a good job in "brushing" and "don't eat sugar". It is far less than enough.


If you want your child to have a healthy big white tooth, dentist recommends doing these three things, otherwise brushing your teeth every day, the teeth may also be yellow and black, and severe people will die.

1 Choose a toothbrush and start brushing your teeth as soon as possible

The US Pediatrics Association recommends that the baby begins with the first teeth, you need to stick to the morning and evening to brush your teeth 2 times, 2 minutes each time; even if you don't have no teeth, your parents can use clean gauze to clean the gums, tongue and mouth .

In addition, buy a suitable toothbrush for your child, especially important! According to the dentist: an unsuitable toothbrush, not only cannot protect the teeth, but also damage the oral cavity. For example, brush hard, it is easy to hurt your child's gum; brush soft, it is not clean; the brush is big, the comfort is not high, and it is easy to resist brushing.


How to choose a suitable toothbrush for your child? I am sorted as follows by the doctor's recommendation:

· Look at the age: Buy the age-specific toothbrush in compliance with the child, the general toothbrush, there is an age section of the applicable age;

· Look at the national standard: Whether it is a domestic toothbrush or import toothbrush, parents are purchased, pay attention to the product execution standard number on the package; no decisive giving up;

· Touch the handle: especially the low-age child, the hand gripping ability There is a pleasant pain.

2 Select the fluorine toothpaste

Set the original words of the dentist: brush your child, don't have a fluorine toothpaste, it is equivalent to brushing your teeth! Therefore, if you want to prevent dental caries, the easiest way is to use a fluorine-containing toothpaste to brush your teeth.

Dentists, fluoride can effectively inhibit oral bacteria, enhance the antibiotic acidity of teeth, and prevent the tooth enamel. In short, no matter how adults or children, you should choose a fluorid toothpaste.

3 insist on using the floss

Before this, I also never used the Dumple line to the child until I was told by the doctor: a teeth have 5 faces, while daily brushing, only 3 faces of the inside and outside and the bite, two teeth The gap is difficult to brush.

The child's deciduous teeth, compared to the large people's enamel, more teeth, if there is food residue to leave in the teeth, it is easy to form a plaque, and finally form an neighbor dental caries.

At this time, I was coming to the floss to the floss, the US Child Stomatological Association suggested that after each meal, the child needs to use the floss.


A few times with my daughter to see my teeth, the biggest feeling is that the tooth to protect the good news is too important, not only related to the money bag, but also affect the health and color of the baby.

Therefore, after returning home, I combine the doctor's suggestion, start to pick the toothbrush, toothpaste and the floss stick according to the class.