The little baby will "sleep stupid"?About the baby's sleep, parents should keep in mind

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The little baby will "sleep stupid"?About the baby's sleep, parents should keep in mind

2021-12-05 00:02:51 66 ℃

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Novice parents feel the most relaxed time, probably after the baby is asleep. Only they can relax at this point, rest or play a while phone, the way to tidy up the messy room.

In fact, parents often want the baby to sleep in, but really saw the baby to sleep too long, but in other things to worry about, especially after listening to the words of the elderly is even more tangled.

Small babies' sleep silly "it? How much Baoma old man's words scare

Dumpling child, it is a let other Baoma envy baby. She is very good with from birth, crying when very little, even if hungry just whines twice, a prompt to adults, as long as she needs to be timely resolved not weary.

When her mother worried about a bad back to sleep or wake Midnight Mission, I was wondering, how can children as difficult? In addition to eating every day is obviously sleep.

Later, when the mother and son out for a walk tour, an aunt neighbor exclaimed, little children sleep only clever, ten hours sleep a day will not sleep stupid? So next time also put her to sleep wake up now!

In other words do not contact me before parental knowledge, perhaps these words will really be scared elderly, and even a little angry.

But in the process obtain child-care division, the baby I was exposed to all kinds of problems, including sleep this respect, deeply understand, practical baby sleep is very particular.

About those things baby sleep

In their chat and Baoma we learned, not just me who experienced this problem, children born after a long sleep time parents are very easy, but the baby did not sleep really a problem? Is it really will sleep silly to learn about the knowledge of the parents relax a bit.

Newborns sleep for a total of 24 hours down to ten hours is very common, can be seen from this table, they need daily sleep time, until all ten hours or more before the age of five.

Sleeping baby, this is a necessary condition for physical and mental growth and brain development, as long as the duration of sleep in this range, and the correct way of sleeping is beneficial to the baby's brain development, how silly it would be to sleep? As for the elderly that the child was sleeping less intelligent, it is nonsense.

Notes baby sleep, parents should keep in mind in mind

If the baby sleep really make you stupid, but also parents did not pay attention in these areas, let your baby sleep wrong way, so be sure your baby from an early age to avoid misunderstanding.

1) early hours will not sleep silly

Also sleeping 10 hours. Go to sleep at 78 o'clock, 12 o'clock to sleep after midnight and the gap is very large. Nature has its own laws, who is to sunrise and sunset, in order to meet the law of development of the body, especially the children.

For children is a long body, about 10 pm to about 1:00, is the most productive stage of growth hormone secretion, followed by 5 to 7 o'clock in the morning. If the child does not have a good night's sleep in this phase, then sleep more effect at other times not large.

2) go to bed with a bad mood, it will change "silly"

Old child always frighten children, can not cry before going to bed, wake up or else it will become a fool, although some exaggeration, but there is some truth in them.

This refers to a dull boy, not to say that children reduced IQ or how, but subject to some trauma in the baby's mood and psychological mood before sleep affects mood and mental state after waking up.

If your baby at bedtime experienced wronged, has been criticized, angry or scared feelings, then wake up and there will be relatively looked sluggish, timid and other negative reactions seem silly not Manner.

3) do not have to wake up frequently children

Some parents see the baby sleep too long, hungry or worried about his poor health, he will wake up, in fact, to do so it will disturb his sleep patterns, affect the physical development.

In various states of baby body under normal circumstances, parents are having to wake him up breast-feeding or deliberately let him awake for some time. Baby will naturally wake up hungry for milk, parents superfluous if he did not say the baby is not tired special needs.

[Today] the topic of your baby every time about how long sleep?