Why have some children's ID card mantissa is "X"?Behind the meaning, parents want to tell children

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Why have some children's ID card mantissa is "X"?Behind the meaning, parents want to tell children

2021-12-05 06:03:13 25 ℃

"Mom, I also have an ID card." The child's joke showed the mood of their desire to grow up. But if the meaning of the number behind the ID card knows?

The number of the ID card is triggered

Peng Peng's parents took advantage of this weekend, and Specially took Pengpeng to do an ID card. Who knows, after led the ID card, Pengpeng took the ID card to the school and showed off from other children. After the bright class, he pointed to "X" at the end of Pengpeng ID card, laughing: After the identification, you are a stupid "X" of the country.

Listening to it, other children have surrounded up, check out Pendeng's ID card. The children saw Pengpeng's identity card, there was a "x" word, and suddenly laughed, starting together Pengpeng.

I want to show off Peng Peng, but I have been laughed by my classmates, which makes him to bear. So the angry, Peng Peng, immediately called his hands. The student fights naturally alarmed the teacher, and the Pengpeng, which is divided into the fight, is bright, and the teacher who has finished the situation will be the school. Under the patient mediation of teachers and parents in both sides, Pengpeng and bright are backwards.

What is the "x" of Pengpeng's ID card?

In order to prevent similar farce, the teacher deliberately gives a cognition of the two sides and the whole class. The teacher told everyone: my country's ID card is generally consisting of the 18th digits, the first seventeen digits are this size, the last bit is the check code.

The six digits represent the urban area where the holder is located. For example: the licensee is in the River Eastern District of Tianjin, then his ID card is 120102, and the eight digits of the ID card represent the date of the annual birthday of the license. For example, the Henan River Eastern District holder, born on March 1, 1997, then the fourteen digits in front of his ID card will be 12010219970301.

Subsequent three numbers are, those who born in the same city in the same city, with the same year, randomly obtained random number. The last bit of the Pengpeng ID card represents the number 10.

my country's ID card is out of 18. If the ID card is directly used in the end of the ID card, then the ID will exceed the unified use of our ID card coding. Because of this, the country will replace 10 numbers with "X".

In addition to the knowledge of the number, the teacher has picked up the identity card, but also told everyone to pay attention to the identity card.

Parents take children to apply for ID cards, need to pay attention to matters

First, when you use your child to apply for your ID card, your parents best let your child wear a deep color dress. This is because the photo on the child's ID card is white. Wearing deep color clothes takes pictures, children look better.

Second, in order to avoid coming back, with a child to apply for an ID card, the parents are best to pass the material once. These materials include: children's birth certificate, account book, an appointment application, and certificate fees. Third, the parents who have taken their children will pay attention to the child to replace the ID card in time, different from the validity period of adult identity card. Some children's identity card validity period is five years, and some are ten years. This is because the child's age, the birth area is different, and the validity period of the documents is also different.

There are many parents may think, there is such popularity, and it is still like a child to apply for a ID card for the child, so that there is such a problem. In fact, the child has an ID card early, still has a lot of benefits.

What are the benefits?

Children have an ID card to facilitate family travel

Many young parents like to travel everywhere, but if the child has no ID card, the parents want to travel with their children, they need to run many relevant certificates. I think a family relaxed to travel to the parents, watching a series of certificates and account books, and the enthusiasm of play will be canceled. On the way to travel, once you accidentally lose your household, your parents will feel very disappointing.

So, give your child an ID card as soon as possible, not only can help those parents who like to travel, avoid many unnecessary troubles, but also let the baby enjoy many half-price benefits.

Parents can set up an educational fund to children with identity card

Licen the word education fund, many parents will not feel unfamiliar. Most parents have started from the child when they set up a education fund for their children. The parents of establishing an educational fund will make you save, but they will never, and they are in the child education.

Because these parents understand, set up an education fund to children as soon as possible, it is the future of investing in children as soon as possible. Therefore, you can apply for your child as soon as possible. This is because the child has an ID card, they can open a bank account in the first time. The parent can save the money in the month, and store the child's personal account.

Children have ID cards to prevent walking

I believe that all parents have seen their children, they are reported by human trafficking. Looking at the sea of ​​vast people, looking for parents, pain, loss, helpless expressions for two or three years, countless people will tears for their unfortunate encounters. To apply for an ID card as soon as possible, you can avoid this human tragedy.

How do your child handle your ID card?