Do you have a soft thing about your child, life is more fierce, outstanding parents do 4 o'clock

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Do you have a soft thing about your child, life is more fierce, outstanding parents do 4 o'clock

2021-12-05 06:03:01 44 ℃

No one loves your child more than you, you want to give him the best. You have suffered from the bending road, you don't want your child to suffer, you love your child's heart to his love, and even a bit like making it a small little yours.

Many compromises are for love. Many children are destroyed in their heart. If you don't want your child to be hurt in the future, you must do the following in advance.

1. Establish awareness of social rules

When the child is in the public, take someone else or play the temper, you have to tell him that this is wrong and stops.

Let him learn to distinguish between different occasions, mine and others. When you have deal with it every time, the child will subconsciously remember what happens, don't affect others, don't take the initiative to take someone else, this will avoid him to become a bear child.

2. Establish a reward mechanism to attract

Establish a reward mechanism, such as stickers accumulation. When the child gives up the time to participate in the interest class or activities, I jumped a move, or I finished a class, rewarding a cartoon sticker, for example, 3 is a food, 10 is a playground, with this .

To use your child you like, you want something to reward, which will be attractive for him. You have to make her feel interesting, there is reward, she will be interested.

3. Learn to 'show weak'

Many times the child doesn't do it, because he feels that my mother is very powerful, everything will be done, don't need me, it will become unwilling to do. To appear properly, we can do what you can do, encourage him to do it.

He will know not only to do its own business, you can help your family, the child will have a sense of accomplishment, and it has cultivated independence and a sense of responsibility.

The child will grow up, you will become a problem in the future, and there will be in front of him in the future. You have no way to protect him in a lifetime. He will still have its own world.