Yaoyao, thank you for letting me taste the taste of my parents.

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Yaoyao, thank you for letting me taste the taste of my parents.

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The article is very long, and finally I have time to write slowly. Three months are not short, as if you were born yesterday - 18:15 on August 26, 2021, you are not easy, 19 hours, put your old mother tossing no strength, no effort Although it is more smooth, everything is very smooth, I am very happy, here, you have your own name, named Shi Yao, is your mother gives you the name, I hope you can grow up happy.

This is the name of Mom and Dad give you.

It's not easy, other moms are generally in three months, and I have no time to spit for 6 months, almost all pregnant, as your mother is really hard, and Worried about your nutrition, always want to meet your mother's daily nutritional supplements, fruit is also the most fresh, maybe you don't know, your eyes are good enough to eat grapes with your mother. And you are particularly awkward, other babies pregnant can play powerful, and you are always quiet, even if you play my mother's stomach is careful, I really feel that you and my mother is a good sister, so understanding, then understand. For you, the entire pregnancy has never been absented, and it is a week to check once in the third trimester.

This is a four-dimensional photo, your first photo

This is the first photo of your mother and your mother. At this time you have 8 months.

So, in October, I was born in full supe, but because my mother was produced for the first time, I didn't pay hard, so that you have been waiting for 19 hours to come to this world, but everything is fine, smooth, yours. The indicators are more normal, because too long sucking amniotic fluid, so I still need to stay in the hospital for a few days to check and use blue light. After the hospital, the indicators are normal after four days, I don't know if you are also happy, at the same time There is no way to visit you during the hospitalization, and it is also very distressed.

In the process of preparing the production process, a photo taken by the mother, this time has been opened.

After waiting for a long time, the whole family waited for you. When you are born, you have been sucking, do you think it is still in the mother.

Because there is a lot of amniotic fluid infection, there is no way to check, although there is no way to my parents, but I often have to take pictures.

This is the preparation of the discharge of the hospital when discharged, and the grandmother at this time is very distressed.

After returning home, you are really small, and the weight is not keeping up with the big team. I heard that is -2SD (lower than two grades), and that time the milk is not big, it is really awkward. In addition to sleep, it is a breast milk, so I am more obedient, and my mother is hard to do. This records your birth situation. Now I think, I really feel that it is really not tired, it is proud of the mother, and the mother is still in the discussion, saying that I have passed, now I think about it. I am really happy without the month.

This is the bits and pieces you live at home before you are in the birth.

You are still sleeping, you are still sleeping.

Still sleeping, you

You have just come back, there is jaundice, you need more sun

In the blink of an eye, I have a month. At this time, I will not be asleep asleep before, you start to have time to interact with my mother. At this time, your grandfather is here to see you. Everyone looks at you, saying that you are like 粑粑, the eyes are like mom, very nice.

Just woke up

The eyes are very like your mother, look good

I started to have a trace of interest to the things around you.

I said that I slept in January, March .... ;; Indeed, I really worked hard in February, because the imagusting and intestinal cramps, very distressed, and I can't sleep in one night. I am very urgent and there is no way, I can only slowly appear, because I have been useless to go to the hospital, I can only give you more exhaust exercises in all diligence, I hope to spend this February. The first time I saw that you have a tear, as a parent, I really blame.

Mom is moving to Yaoyao's constant touch

Fortunately, in February, after a few more quickly, after a few more fast, the spiritual appearance is much better than before.

Just take a shower

If you are more and more happy for three months, I am more happy and more coming, sometimes I really feel that yesterday is just a moment, I have never thought of you when you suddenly grow up, not that little. I also love and my mother interact, often 呜呜 呜 和 在 在, although I don't know what you are saying, but as long as you are healthy, I think there is nothing better than this.

Is it true that the hair is really cute?

I started learning to be funny.

The favorite is biting the lips.

Of course, there is no lack of protection for your protection, because birth absorption, in addition to daily vaccines, you need to take you to hit 13-price vaccine, watch you cry, you are very distressed; and your 粑粑Now, you often send your growth video to shake, and sometimes you will look at your growth in the future, and I think that this is the world's best memory. After a few days, I hope that the next day will always be with you to grow up, I think this is the highest honor moment for my parents. Yaoyao, thank you for letting me taste the taste of my parents.