The baby is smarter than the caesarean section?Not like this, deciding that the child's IQ is high or low.

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The baby is smarter than the caesarean section?Not like this, deciding that the child's IQ is high or low.

2021-12-05 12:05:26 23 ℃

Many people think that the child will be smart in the child's child, because the child is out of the birth of the birth, and the brain has led to some flexibility, providing more substances for the brain's breathing central nerve. Basic, this is a great help to the brain development after birth, so the child produced is smart relative to the child of caesarean section.

But the fact is not the case, is there any scientific basis?

In fact, it is determined that the element of a human IQ is the number of brain nerve cells, and it is nothing to follow. And the birth or caesarean section, just take different given methods, and does not increase the number of baby brain nerve cells.

Our brain has about billion nerve cells. At the 2nd-3 month of mother pregnant, the fetal brain cells are the fastest, with an average of 250,000 per minute;

At 4 months pregnant, the fetal brain neurons have differentiated differentiation, and the interoperability between the neurons is increased;

When pregnant is 7 months, the surface of the fetal cerebral skin has a trench back to the tissue.

After the baby was born, the number of brain nerve cells no longer increased.

Shipping is a way of childbirth, and the baby is extruded out of the maneuvers that can affect the brain volume and trenches, but the number of nerve cells cannot be increased.

Therefore, the child is smart, and there is no scientific basis. After the baby is born, it has a certain relationship with the genetic, but the training is also important.

Talk about the examples in life

Both children are caesarean section, the big daughter is not very smart, but the little daughter is very smart, and the results of the study have been good. The two daughters of my little augler are also caesarean section. The big daughter is with my little daughter, but it seems to be smart than my daughter, less than 3 years old, I can sing a lot of words in cartoons.

My girlfriend's son is the birth, and the head is still squeezed, but this child does not see how smart, the results have been backward, people compare the joy, it seems unlike smart look, but the fact It is the excellent people who have no peers come in all aspects.

If you want to say that the child is smarter than the children of the caesarean section, how do these explains? In fact, I truly affect the IQ is the innate inheritance and the day after tomorrow.

The innate genetics is that the parents' good genetic genetics to children, including intelligence, that is, parents are smart, the child is not too stupid; but the parents are not smart, the child is not too stupid, but don't be extravagant.

At the same time, during pregnancy, if you eat some inappropriate medicines, malnutrition, etc., will also affect the brain development of the fetus, indirectly affect the mental level of the baby after birth. In contrast, increased high-quality protein and DHA intake during pregnancy, usually eat nuts, fish, with prenatal education, this is a great help for the birth of the fetus.

The day after tomorrow is said that after the child was born, it got a good education and cultivation. Good living environment gave children to exercise the brain, such children will be smart than ordinary children. If parents ignore school education, family education, then smart children can not afford this toss, do not love to learn, they don't love brains, and intellectual level will fall behind.

If you use the data, a child is smart, the innate genetic is about 30-40%, and the remaining 60-70% is the future day, and this day after the day, in addition to education, there are diet, sports, etc. The intelligence has a certain impact.

Like the children around us, some don't love breakfast, some pick eaters, eclipse, some do not love sports, some are affected by bad family atmospheres, etc., these will have a certain impact on the development of the brain.

Therefore, the children of the child and the children of the caesarean section are on the same starting line. If the children can be smart after birth, they will see how their parents have cultivated, rather than listening to the old generation, I have to persist when I can't produce. In order to make the child's brain is squeezed and smart.