There are several behaviors during pregnancy, which may increase the risk of fetal deformity, and understand early to avoid

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There are several behaviors during pregnancy, which may increase the risk of fetal deformity, and understand early to avoid

2021-12-05 12:05:13 30 ℃

Like a baby's health problem, if there is a malformation, whether it is sound, etc., is the most concerned about every parent, all the prospective father wants your own children to be healthy.

So pregnant mothers should first pay attention to some behaviors in pregnancy may affect fetal health, which behavior is particularly prone to fetal malformations during pregnancy? Maybe you are still doing now, today, as Xiaobian a piece.

The fetus is afraid of "fear of mother fatigue"

At about 8 months of pregnancy, I also reached the rapid development stage of the fetal brain. Many organs have tended to be mature, and the mother's stomach is bigger than one day. The body is also very cumbersome, and the action is particularly inconvenient.

Sometimes it will be accompanied by the lower extremity edema and blood pressure, and there are time to date, he is the most fear that mom is too fatigue.

The expectant mother should reduce some physical labor as much as possible at this time. Don't worry too much, do some simple home work that you can, but you should avoid too violent exercise.

During pregnancy, small animals

Various pets such as cats have become the necessary members of most families. They feel that cats can bring them happiness, and there is a companion, but the pet actually affects our health disease, the most common is parasitic Insect

Some people don't think there is any hazard, even talking about alarmist, but reported, because pets caused by pets do not carry certain bacteria and parasite on a few pets, we use the naked eye to find it.

After entering the human body, it is more terrible. Remember that a news report was infected with more than 20 parasites by pets, and the person became more and more thin, the body was more and more weak, which is more dangerous for pregnant women. It may be directly leading to the risk of fetal malformations.

Love makeup, excessive use of cosmetics

The heart of love is believed in the human space. Most women are especially love makeup, even if they are pregnant, even if they have been exchanged with cosmetics skin care products, pregnant women must also hold, but now there is still many false propaganda in the world.

Some products have indicated that pregnant women can use, but there will still be a certain risk probability, and some cosmetics may have many pigments, mineral oils, heavy metals and chemical flavors, etc. Excessive use such makeup products, pregnant mothers and Baby is all hundreds of harm, and there is no hope, this, everyone can remember to go.


Look at whether your work range contains a lot of radiation, such as a copy machine, a wave oven, etc.

And also increase the probability of fetal malformation, but also prevent normal development of the placenta, so it is necessary to radiation radiation during pregnancy, we can try to buy some anti-radiation costumes, mother wants to remember this.


The impact of drugs on the fetus is also more critical. If it is not sick during pregnancy, then you must go to the hospital in time to inform the doctor, eat some pregnant women can eat.

If you eat inappropriate drugs in the early stations of pregnancy, you must inform the doctor in time and pay attention to the development of the fetus at all times.

These behaviors are actually for pregnant women should be prohibited. After having a baby, we must have a health and safety principle. Don't always eat some mildew times, always pay attention to your physical condition, uncomfortable, timely go Hospital medical doctor

Don't blindly take some remedies in private, this is also very important, this is also very important.

It will also bring a unfavorable impact on the fetus. Finally, Xiaobian is sincere, every mother can pay attention to these points, and have a healthy and cute baby.