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Which baby is decided?The answer is surprising!

2022-01-12 18:05:08 34 ℃

When I was young, everyone learned in the biological class, and the baby's gender is determined by men.

For some reasons, it is generally pregnant to go to the hospital for inspection, the doctor will not tell the parents' baby sex.

Because of the strong curiosity, the square has summarized the statement of boy girls with a variety of "experience", and the most common mainly include the following:

Method 1:

"The boy is pointed, the girl is stomach"

Speaking 2:

"Sour spicy girl" ...

So who is these two sayings?

Knowing girls have a big change during pregnancy, the stomach is big and round, the more you look like a ball, and many people have met is a girl, and the result is a handsome little prince.

Obviously, from the shape of the fetus from the shape of the stomach, it is no scientific basis.

The shape of pregnant mother's stomach is large and the cause of the fetus, the fetal position, pregnant mother body type is related to:


The weight of the male baby is indeed generally more important than the female baby, but because the difference in the shape of pregnant mothers caused different mothers, it is not obvious.

2. Fetal position

In the uterus, if the fetus is facing your mother, the stomach is pointed; the fetus faces the mother, the belly is round.

3. Pregnant mother

If the pregnant mother is thin, as the fetus gradually grows, the belly horizontal development space is limited, it can only be top, then the belly will look more than the pointer.

Instead, the body-shaped pregnant mother, the pregnant belly is more rounded.

Furthermore, pregnant mothers don't eat acid to eat boy.

"Sour spicy girl" said that there is no medical dependence, pregnant women love acid is the body needs, because the placenta will secrete a substance called HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) after pregnancy.

It will suppress the secretion of gastric enzyme, pregnant women often have significant reduction in gastric acid, and there is symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite.

These symptoms can be improved by edible acidic foods, so pregnant women will become sour.

In addition, pregnant women are also related to the eating habits of geographies and families. However, there is no significant difference in the gender ratio of newborns around the world.

The sex of the fetus is determined by sex chromosome, and only the sex of the fetus is only scientifically based on the change of the taste of pregnant women.

Everyone knows that the baby's gender is determined by men.

Female chromosome is xx, male is xy. When the egg is combined with the male X-shaped sperm, it will develop a girl; when the egg is combined with the Y-shaped sperm, it is developed into a boy [1].

Therefore, men carrying Y chromosome are the key to deciding the baby's sex.

The real men and women don't do it.

Don't trust a variety of tires in the market, such as with the means of turning tire pills and "pick up male treasures", so as not to cause irreparable situations.

Since the semen emitted from men contains a large amount of sperm, there is both X-type sperm, but also contain Y sperm.

These "Thousands of Marshal Too Run" sperm is more likely to combine eggs with eggs, and there is still no answer.

For modern medicine, it is not difficult to judge your baby's gender.

Ultrasound image technology (B super)

This technique is safer, it has no adverse effect on the fetus, and it is very common in the maternity department.

In the diagnosis of fetal gender, the accuracy of the baby boy is above 95%, and the accuracy of the baby girl is about 85% [2].

However, the technology requires a high degree of fetal development, and pregnancy is more than 4 months, and genital is basically formed.

2. Amabed puncture

It is mainly to diagnose the fetus whether there is a chromosome or a defect of the neural tube, usually in 16 to 20 weeks pregnant.

There must be a risk that must be done by a professional doctor. The medical community is not approved to do amniotic fluidity only to measure fetal genders [2].

3. Eeldlant

Also known as "fur wool sample", usually do it in 8 ~ 10 weeks pregnant.

The main purpose and amniotic influence is the same, in order to diagnose the chromosome of the fetus is normal, and the gender is mainly to diagnose some gender-related hereditary diseases.

It is important to emphasize that the purpose of using these methods is not to cater to people's willingness.

Instead, the use of such medical means to detect a variety of pathogenic genes such as bloody diseases, fake fertilizers to perform muscle malnutrition, etc., thereby reducing the birth probability of genetic baby's birthday.

In order to prevent parents from doing abortion, induction, no special circumstances, doctors do not allow for the gender of the baby to discuss your baby's gender.

Finally, remind everyone, we can't choose from the gender of your baby, you don't have to choose, no matter where you are blessing, let your baby bring love to born is the best.

Review expert

Feng Cuiping | Deputy Chief Physician, Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital


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