The baby is born in the first month, these three situations can be handled at home, novice mother does not run hospital

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The baby is born in the first month, these three situations can be handled at home, novice mother does not run hospital

2022-01-13 00:08:00 20 ℃

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New mothers on the road for the first time with a baby, there is a laundry list of problems every day. Especially newborn baby stage, there will be a variety of problems, some problems on adults who may not be normal, so new mothers would be more worried that fear of affecting the health of the baby, do not understand you always want to take the baby to hospital.

In fact, for the newborn baby, some "seemingly normal" phenomenon, but it is normal, but in daily life, we should want to avoid doing care and prevention.

Next to it is a phenomenon within a few month after childbirth, the baby prone, and teach new mothers how to deal properly at home.

The first phenomenon: the baby burp

After the baby is born, the mother found a problem: special love baby hiccups.

After feeding burp, hiccup when cold, sometimes a day after crying ...... hiccup hiccups several times, as new mothers, can not help but worry that the baby is not sick, or go to the hospital?

In fact, this is a normal phenomenon.

The reason why love hiccups, major and "neonatal immature nervous system" of a relationship, then there are external incentives, such as those below.

① feeding posture is not correct: breast-fed baby, mom feeding posture is not correct; drinking baby formula milk, red milk, feeding the wrong way, let your baby eat too much air.

② improper feeding: easy when milk was too cold to cold stimulation of the gastric mucosa, causing the diaphragm spasms and hiccups; and eat too fast, crying, feeding, etc., at the same time easy to let the baby nurse eat too much air and hiccups.

③ stomach cold: If the baby is too small to wear the cap, so little stomach cold, the diaphragm will be affected, easy hiccups.

So, when the baby hiccups, then how to do it right?

If when feeding, burping your baby, first pause feeding, the baby gently hold up on end, with the palm pat the back, or touch the baby's foot can also help ease the spasm of the diaphragm.

Hiccups occur when the nurse if not, you can put your baby up, pat the back, or let the baby lying in a while an adult body.

In addition, the incentives mentioned earlier, usually pay attention to avoid, help reduce your baby hiccups occur.

Beijing Mom reminder: If you are particularly frequent hiccups, after self-care is still not effective, we should pay more attention to, and to take the baby to the hospital if necessary.

The second phenomenon: the baby spits

In addition to burp the baby and sometimes spits, spits some babies even more serious.

This is normal phenomenon, different baby spits varying degrees of duration are not the same, but mostly normal physiological spits.

Your baby spits up is not fully developed and neonatal gastrointestinal relationship.

Below, the newborn baby's stomach is different from the adult, horizontal shape, and firmness Panasonic catchy, so it is easy to let your baby eat milk reflux out, in particular, eat more, eat fast time.

However, mothers often say spits, may be Yinai spits it may be, this is two different situations.

Spilled milk is eat milk flow out from the mouth, and spits some more "scary" is a big mouth vomiting out, even jet-like, or erupted from the nose.

In addition to new mothers can distinguish, we must learn to respond correctly to prevent the risk of choking occur.

To reduce spitting, who are able to do so:

① Do not let your baby eat too much when feeding, fast, eat fast and easy to eat too much air spitting, eating too much too easy to "overflow." You can try to feed several times, each time not to eat too much.

② Do not drink cold milk to the baby, whether it is squeezed out of breast milk or formula milk brewed, not to drink too cold, or too easily lead to the baby spits up.

③ after each feeding burping, to eat the air discharged by way of hiccups, can also help to prevent spitting.

The third phenomenon: always Yijingyizha

New born baby will sleep sometimes "like being surprised" performance, which is a normal phenomenon newborn, is a primitive reflex, called the "startle reflex", also called "embrace reflex."

This is reflected due to the baby immature nervous system that occurs, usually 3-4 months, the baby will go away; if this happens especially frequently or four months does not disappear, it is best to go with a baby see a doctor.

Some superstitious old people at home, said the baby might be scared to, or a lost soul, etc., and even with some scientific methods to deal with.

In fact, this phenomenon is not treated, because if that baby always startle reflex and sleep is not practical, you can try to do so:

① to the baby wrapped in swaddling clothes, or put a small quilt is a little corner tuck a little tight, you can also buy a neonatal anti-startle a sleeping bag, wearing sleep.

② baby sleeping environment as quiet as possible, to avoid noise, light too harsh, heavy taste, to reduce irritation.

③ When they find the baby startle reflex occurs in sleep, you can pat the baby, then, it went back to sleep at ease.

The first time mothers, first raise the baby, almost every day there will be a variety of child-care problems, you can advance to learn some parenting knowledge, or sidebands baby while learning, so that you can reduce out pit, so that the baby does not suffer.

Several previous cases, your baby has not occurred, you were how to deal with it? Also welcomed the newcomers and parents to share your parenting experience it.