Do your breast maintenance, first to understand the healthy development of the chest

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Do your breast maintenance, first to understand the healthy development of the chest

2022-01-13 00:08:14 45 ℃

As a female important organ, the breast is accompanied by the growth of women from the baby to youth, middle-aged, and the elderly life. The breast is the logo of mature charm. It is the hope of the next generation, but also an important partner for women. .

Therefore, for the breasts not only do good care, but also understand it in depth, understand the status and growth of each stage.

01, fetal period

Breast tissue development is early, starting at the 6th week of the fetus, then extending from the armpit to the waist and abdomen, the layers of the abdominal groove are developed into a plurality of breast groups.

After three months, only the pair of breast bases in the chest is left in the early breast tissue, which will react to estroctures in my mother's blood.

02, infancy

A lot of newborn babies, there will be a lump in the chest, some even secrete milk; this is caused by the baby's estrogen, don't worry, after the baby is born in a few weeks, The impact of no longer be recovered normally.

Never pay attention, don't pinch this mass, which will damage the breast tissue and affect the normal development after the breast.

03, adolescent

This period is from children to adult transition, and the women are beginning to secrete estrogen, and the breast tissue begins to grow. The chest begins to develop, and the chest will slowly, do not worry, this is normal chest development.

After entering 11-12 years, women have begun to make menstrual tides. The ovaries in the body began to develop, and estrogen secretion increases. The hyperplasia of breast tissue increases, and the development of chest is getting faster and faster. It also marks the girl start slowly. .

04, pregnancy, lactation period

Pregnancy and lactation, estrogen, progesterone, and lactin in women are much higher than usual, the increase in breast tissue increases, and the color of the uli is deep, which is prepared for breastfeeding. At this time, the breast development is complete. Mature.

Infected lactation, milk siltation, etc., will cause infection of breast tissue, leading to redness and mastitis.

05, menopause

As the age is growing, women's ovarian function gradually degraded, and hormone secretion is reduced, menstruation becomes disordered or suspended, and has reached the menopause. The breasts during this period have gradually shrunk with hormones, and the chest begins to be small, relaxed, sagging, presented the state of aging.

The breast is a special existence of women. It is necessary to care and cherish it for women. There is also a small secret of women's chest and become beautiful, and the official will be officially held in a total of Liu Yan.