There is a kind of pollution that is slowly eroding the child's health, and parents are the most difficult to find.

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There is a kind of pollution that is slowly eroding the child's health, and parents are the most difficult to find.

2022-01-13 12:03:42 23 ℃

Many families will pay special attention to whether there is any smoking around for pregnancy, for fear of a negligence, let pregnant women suck the second-hand smoke, affect the development of the fetus.

However, in fact, this invisible danger is not just second-hand smoke, and another parent often overlooks pollution, and most of the home, that is, the contamination of formaldehyde overboot.

In recent years, many people are poisoned due to formaldehyde, and the source of formaldehyde overboot is not decorated.

Many people may be confused, in addition to the formaldehyde produced in the decoration, can also cause formaldehyde poisoning due to excessive inhalation of formaldehyde?

In fact, the source of formaldehyde has a lot of sources, such as newly opened painted books, new toys, new clothes ...

Also, the damage of formaldehyde to the human body is extremely large.

Contact or inhalation of formaldehyde in a short time can cause itching of skin and the discomfort of the respiratory tract, long-term contact, light, make people tears, cough, heavy or cause blind, or even death.

I want to think about it, formaldehyde is colorless, the taste is not obvious, it is difficult to find that the baby is in a long time, then the consequences are unbearable.

Therefore, we have to start from the source, understand which places in life are the source of formaldehyde.

Many parents generally have a little bigger in the child, I want to add a small desk chair for my child, so I will go to the shopping website to pick it, think that the wood furniture should have no effect on the health of the child, so I will purchase it.

In fact, most of the wooden furniture looks like wood, and the back is the plywood, which will release formaldehyde.

Also, the formaldehyde release duration in this substance may also be more than ten years.

If you buy it in your home, you will be placed for a long time, your child is in contact. After a few years, your body has already been "sore hundred holes."

There are also some woods themselves with formaldehyde in the market, and the market cannot be found in the market, even if it is placed in those stores, it cannot guarantee whether its formaldehyde is released.

Not only furniture, wood products also include baby toys, similar to building blocks.

Especially the building blocks of the low price, there is a lot of children who can buy them, and the child is easy to include blocks to play, and the paint on the building block will also release a certain amount of formaldehyde, such a toy, If a parent does not pay attention to it, the danger of generating is unaffected.

Formaldehyde can be milded and anti-fouling, so many textile processes will be used to formaldehyde-containing treatment agents, such as curtains, denim and princess skirts, and more.

Although there is a certain amount of formaldehyde in both clothes and plush toys, it is more dangerous to children or plush toys.

There are still some fillers in plush toys, which may contain formaldehyde, add up, which may cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard.

For those who like plush toys, there is no good gout in the room, and there are too many stacked plush toys, and it will also cause formaldehyde over the room to exceed the standard, plus a lot of children like winter holding dolls, this It also increases the risk of overhaving the excess of formaldehyde.

In order to let the baby eat early in the morning, many parents have purchased the imitation porcelain tableware with cute patterns, not only the appearance is cute and also fall.

But some tableware does not indicate the raw material, honest the price of low prices, but also sell it.

Safety is greatly reduced, even if the formaldehyde exceeds the standard, it is difficult to know, so parents should buy less.

Parents must pay attention to buy things to buy things in regular channels, especially those mentioned above, don't ignore children's health because of greed, and ignore children's health.

Note that formaldehyde is not a small thing!