Is there any quality follicle to prepare for pregnancy?

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Is there any quality follicle to prepare for pregnancy?

2022-01-14 12:05:26 28 ℃

Although not a doctor, but as a child, I still have a certain amount of says for this issue.

Foloid is a must-have condition for female pregnancy. Each woman will be discharged through follicles during pregnancy. So follicles are essential conditions for female pregnancy. In general, the advantageous follicles are the key to the success of pregnancy, but if there is no advantageous follicle or not normal ovulation in the female body, it will affect normal pregnancy.

Confirm that follicles are not developed, first do hormone six inspections, observe which hormone level is abnormal, then regulates the normal function of ovaries according to this hormone, and promote the development of follicles and then pregnancy.

First, there is no high quality follicle without affecting pregnancy, but it will affect conception.

Pregnancy is an egg and sperm to become a process of being affected by a fertilized egg, and then this fertilized egg is developed into embryo. When the egg does not discharge normally or discharged, it will affect normal pregnancy.

Non-quality follicles will affect the formation of eggs, affect the survival rate of conception and embryos. An inferior follicle even if it is pregnant, it is also difficult for bed, and embryonic development will also be affected, and abortion occurs.

A friend in my friend is poor in the pregnancy. After pregnancy, it turns into a biochemical pregnancy. The fertilized egg is empty, and the test indicator also shows pregnant, but the embryo does not develop, natural abortion, and finally empty.

It is that follicular development is inadequate, the maturity is insufficient, and the main reason for can't develop as high quality follicles is that the ovarian function is abnormal. After the ovarian function is abnormal, the female endocrine system will disorder, in the abnormal follicular or female hormone level, there will directly affect female ovulation, thereby appearing in follicular development.

Therefore, once the follicular is not excellent, the ovarian function is to be detected. For the improvement of the cause, the reasons are improved, strengthen nutrition, increase rest, adjust the mentality, improve immunity, to promote the internal secretion of the body in a good condition, for follicles, mature creation Good external condition.

Every pair is ready to adjust the mental state to the best during pregnancy, and strive to secrete high-quality follicles and give birth to a healthy and smart baby. Only when follicles are mature, the functions are complete, and the eggs that are discharged will be healthy. This is the normal egg discharged from excellent follicles.

Just place the best age in fertility, after conditioning, natural pregnancy is not a problem, so the mentality is the most important, can't be urgent, the more urgent, the desire speed is not reached.

Finally, I wish every female compatriots who want to be a mother, soon like wish, happy event!