A boy cries: tough father, the mother who is out of control, how is it terrible?

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A boy cries: tough father, the mother who is out of control, how is it terrible?

2022-01-15 00:09:05 21 ℃

Imagine, you put a good love model, solemnly put on the shelf, and you are full of joy and proud.

Suddenly there is a person, he grabs the model directly to the ground, "哐哐" is all smashed.

Looking at the full wolf, what will you be?

I think, I will see what I put into my heart and seriously treated, and many people will feel angry and wronged?

So, when I saw this video on the Internet, I heard that the boy used a trembling voice to talk, I couldn't help but distressed.

"Last night and my dad took a, he drank wine, picking up a model, I couldn't help but I couldn't help but hit him. He directly put all the models on the shelf.

Every time I have paid time, experience, enthusiasm, and now become a wreckage.

I understand now that some you have seen a lot, paying a lot, in some people's eyes are garbage! "

This father does not know, in order to vent your emotions, choose the model of the son, will bring much harm to the son.

When the boy cried and photographed the video, it was not only to commemorate his own efforts, but also deep gaps between my father.

There is a saying: "Family education is the root and foundation of people's growth, it is 'Bacon Education'."

For the parents, it is more than just the impulse and the joy of childbirth, which means long-lasting responsibility and long learning.

The most failed family education is that there is a tough father in the family, and a uncontrolled mother, finally raised the collapse.

Tough father, leaving the child, it is difficult to objection

Psychologist Wu Zhihong said that in China, experience the emperor's feeling is particularly simple, and you can have a child. I want to treat it.

The child is a vulnerable group relative to his parents. When the parents come to educate children with the name "I am" for you, the society tends to report to the attitude of tolerance and understanding.

Therefore, some parents have developed tough attitudes, and the child's feelings can not be considered, as long as they can achieve their own purpose.

"I have you, so you have to listen to me, otherwise I will make you uncomfortable."

"I am your dad, my thoughts must be obedient, otherwise I want you to pay the price."

Parents don't know, hard and autocracy never closer to their own distances.

When children are young, they can't distinguish and resist, maybe they choose to obey their parents, but when children enter youth, those depressed emotions and dissatisfaction will all broke out, then, the consequences often imagine.

The high-score movie "Shine" adapted from the real experience of David Helfgut, the piano family of Australia, telling the boy who was oppressed by her father.

The male David Hefuch is a rare piano, and there is a small year, and the father will pin all the hopes in David.

In order to make your son to make up for your childhood regret, parents asked David to practice the piano, horses don't stop participating in various competitions, can't waste a minute and one second.

Although David is praised by many people, it is always the best to fight him: "You can't do it, only I know what is best."

When David got a chance to go abroad, he was full of joy, but he was cast by the cold water of his father: "If you dare to get out of this house, you will never be my son!"

Under the constant pressure of the father, David became more and more, he didn't have a little confidence, and he always went down and his spirit was high, and it was still urinary bed bed after adulthood.

Later, David had a schizophrenia and collapsed directly in the official performance.

Originally, the David will have a star-shining avenue, and they have met a tough father and make his life on the back of the shackles.

Regrettably, David and father's story is staged in many families: some parents often interfere with their children, once the child does not reach their expectations, they are not tap, and they are deeply suffering.

He Lingfeng, psychologist, pointed out, sometimes, parents find a sense of control in the child, in fact, is a performance of their own.

Parents did not realize their own wishes, I hope that the child will be realized for themselves, but they have forgotten that every individual carries his own life.

We don't have the right to set another flower to open, the same, the parents don't have the right to regulate the child according to their own will, otherwise, it will cause parent-child relationship to crack, and completely destroy the child.

The lost mother brings a shadow that gives children.

Psychologist wrote in "Art of Love": "Mother is our hometown, is nature, earth and ocean."

In many people, maternal love is often unconditional. They are like warm earths, they can give their children, let the children get a full sense of security, so as not afraid to grow the wind and rain.

But if you encounter a uncontrolled mother, she can't manage her life, control her emotions, can not accept and care about the child, will bring a great disaster to the child.

The mother of the singer Zhang Yihan is the representative of the wonderful mother. Her private life is chaotic, but destroys her daughter to take drugs and beat their parents, let Zhang Yihan who is in the peak of career have been questioned, and the pressure has increased.

And, as Angela's agent, mother of all revenue management Angela, Angela went in during medical treatment abroad, swept away by the Angela's money, let Angela even a shelter at all. He said his mother was the daughter of the most direct role models, to give her full of love, but Angela mother let her daughter grow cast a huge shadow, let her fill of suffering and indifference.

Angela talked about his mother in the show, sad to say:. "The first taste of betrayal is all what it feels like, every day is crying."

Runaway mother, is the biggest stumbling block on the way children grow up, she's not let the children feel the love and warmth, but the pain and heavy.

Angela is still single, perhaps brought about the shadows with her mother, when every night, it is inevitable that people can not trust any of loneliness and fear it.

Contrast Angela's mother, two days ago, I saw a video, I feel particularly warm.

Girls want to help mother dress boxes, lunch boxes do not accidentally fall to the ground, the food spilled over the floor. She was flustered, quickly ran to find her mother.

For doing general's mother, perhaps inevitably get angry and blame the child, but the mother gently walked beside her daughter, in particular, gently comforting her daughter.

"You are not careless ah, my mother did not say you, my mother asked you about, which is that you do not accidentally get it? That you be careful next time, OK?"

See my mother did not blame the girl breaks through his tears, the heart is full of warmth. Internet users have praised the mother's emotions gentle, sure to keep the elegant style of the girl.

Yes ah, the good mood of the mother, the child is the best driver of growth.

When children encounter difficulties, not usher criticism and ridicule, but a mother's gentle acceptance; when children suffer depression, apathy and not in exchange for the sidelines, but careful to appease the mother, I believe every child can learn full power, continue to resolutely forward.

The collapse of the child, became a victim of the failure of family education

Montessori said: "Everything we do for children, will bear fruit, not only affect his life, and decided his life."

Every child is love and ran from, hoping to meet his father's guidance and mother care, only the father's and mother's tough out of control if they are encountered, then the child will feel there is no hope, just want to escape.

Not long ago, a 14-year-old girl committed suicide, leaving behind a suicide note 1500 words, the family opened a lot of hidden truth of Education.

Girl outstanding achievement, parents think look good, it is just to let her own strict management so good.

Girls grades slipped, parents say "shame", beaten with a belt and wire, around the clock accusations and insults.

The girl said, ruin a person is really very simple, just need to destroy her childhood. So, she chose to end his own life, leaving the world wake up and sigh.

In the suicide note below, a message that many users have had some similar ideas, it is very distressed.

People's Daily published a set of data, by 2020, my country's adolescent depression detection rate of 24.6%, with grade growth is rising, some of the children in long-term low emotional state.

To tell the truth, to see this data, really feel shocking.

For those children walking silently in feelings of negativity, if at the time of each of frustration, parents can give companionship and see, give the child a very warm family environment, children will not feel pessimistic, right?

When the flood of negative emotions, think of parental care and care, then the child will feel there is hope, and courage can stand up again slowly.

And if the parents can give oppression, slap and satire, then the child will feel despair, to make irreversible moves.

Educator Cai said: "The family who originally of school life."

The family is the child's first school, family life education will give children covered background, influence a child's temperament, state and every casual choice.

Parents how to educate their children, not only affect the child's personality and behavior, but also affect the child's future experiences and encounters. Those who go the wrong child, the family often failed victims of regrettable and sighs.