For the school, don't recommend children "excessively dress up"?Professor Li Meilu gave an answer, some truth

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For the school, don't recommend children "excessively dress up"?Professor Li Meilu gave an answer, some truth

2022-01-15 00:08:58 28 ℃

Nowadays, it is a full competition. It is not valued, and it is also worthy of the value. When the self-made highlights of the baby, when he praised by others, the pride in the heart of the parents is born, but the school does not recommend over-dressing. Child!

The girlfriend is a fashion, and the daughter has inherited the advantages of my mother. It is very outstanding. Xiaomei is a big hobby. Although her daughter is not old, the clothes are full of big cabinets. The new new year in the season, Xiaomei will give her daughter in time.

The daughter in kindergarten pays great attention to their appearance, and often with the princess. Her favorite game is "Princess Dress Up", of course, the princess can only be her own.

Once a little boy playing, a little boy accidentally stepped on her skirt, "Little Princess" directly, actually crying the little boy, slowly discovering, people who like to play with her daughter are getting less and less Once, I even heard other children whispered: She loves her love, I don't want to play with her.

Xiaomei wants: Is it wrong with your child?

Children's clothes are more from their parents, parents try to clean, decent, comfortable, but not fashionable. The school is not recommended to dress up the child, and Professor Li Mei has also said: the child wears clothes, don't pay too much beauty and individuality.

Practice has proved that there is still a lot of inconvenience to excessively dressing your child.

1. Excessive dressing will let children only pursue appearance

The old saying goes well: the heart of beauty, people are all, anyone has the right to pursue beauty.

But excessively dressing, it will let the children lose themselves. When the children are used to enjoy the praise of appearance, paying special attention to the external table beauty, even forming illegal aesthetics, this situation is easy to lead him (she) only Pay attention to the beauty of the appearance, even the abreacial abrasion.

2, to help the child's vanity

The children are quite carefully to see their views. If the parents pay too much attention to the child's dress, invisibly boost the child's vanity expansion.

Under the stimulation of the outside world, the children will become more and more beautiful, think more and more more expensive than other children, and even don't want other children than their own beauty, wearing clothes than yourself better, and don't want others to exceed others. Own.

3, leading to the child's premature

Excessive dressing, will prompt them to be early, this is the rhetoric of the River, which has been studied, showing that those children who put their minds are more mature, and the opportunity of early love is higher. It is too easy to care about the appearance of the appearance of the appearance of the appearance of the appearance. "

4, which leads to the possibility of child being violated

Have you noticed that parent friends have reported that the media reported more and more children have been violated, and most of them are beautiful and fashionable. When parents dress up their children, they will undoubtedly increase the possibility of children being violated, although the beautiful children are very eye-catching, but this is also harmful to the child's personal safety.

Dressing your child more beautiful and savvy, when anything exceeds a certain standard, it is easy to breed all kinds of disadvantages, of course, we don't want parents to don't trimize their children, ignore their awareness of them, the right aesthetic Children are especially important.

Many experts pointed out: the education and training of children, not only to pay attention to the cultivation of knowledge, capacity and overall quality, but also pay attention to shaping children's physical and mental health, cultivating children to understand beauty, admire beauty and creating beauty, parents can come from these Aspects start.

First, respect the child's aesthetic choice

"Benevolences see the benevolence, wise people", people's views on beauty are different, parents should fully respect the child's aesthetic views and choices, don't take care of children with colored eyes.

Don't always criticize your child's aesthetics, this will bring great harm to your child. When you are serious, you may even cause the child's psychological shadow to make your child lose the ability to pursue a better thing.

Second, educating children pay attention to in the United States

The beautiful appearance makes people feel pleasing, but the inner beauty is more indispensable. For people, parents should let the children understand: more important than external beauty, more important is intrinsic beauty.

With the loss of time, in the beautiful look, it will be aging, but the inner beauty can be permanently preserved, lasting, not often the smart brain is important than the beautiful skin. Is it important?

Third, appreciate the beauty

Leisure time, parents can take their children to the natural world and appreciate the innocent natural beauty. The high mountains, clear streams, white snow, blue sky, delicate flowers, crystal clear dew; children also saw different views in the process of appreciation of nature, indirectly increase their ability to enjoy beauty.

With children to appreciate nature, parents and children appreciate different kinds of beauty, bring both children to see different landscapes, and exercise their body and increase parent-child relationship.

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