2021 The warmer 8 family sneak shot exposure: It turns out that there is unconditional love child

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2021 The warmer 8 family sneak shot exposure: It turns out that there is unconditional love child

2022-01-15 00:09:11 13 ℃

A child who has light, no fear of wind, premise is to give him enough, unconditional love.

How do you get love? The following 8 stories may give you an answer.

A 4 or 5-year-old little boy, on the way to baked the melon with my mother, raised the young face and asked:

Mom, if I have given Tsinghua in the future? - The mother will be very proud of you;

Then I took the Peking University? - will be very proud;

Then I bake on the praon? - If you take the gullet to bake the sweetness and sweet and delicious, I think it is also possible, and it will be proud of you.

After that, I will be baked with a boss - Ok, congratulations to Xu Feng fruit has a new wish.

In this cold winter day, this mother is emerging gentleness and love, just like a bright sunshine, moving into my heart.

We always say that parents love their children are the most selfless in this world.

However, there are always some love, and I don't know the dust in the time of the time.

After reading the following family "sneak shots", you will really understand what is the unsatisfactory love for children.

Love is an inadvertent understanding and accepting

In the first one, a couple of husbands in the car chatted in the car.

I learned that my daughter took 14 points, and Dad first was silent, helplessly said: "Top, 14 points to be proud of her."

Mom also said on the side: "Applause! My daughter got the countdown of the whole class."

In fact, this is not true for my parents, just like this mother:

"If you only know how to be angry with your child, you can't help but have a child's achievements, but also a child."

Mom also said that she recently learned with her children, helping the children slowly combing the knowledge points and face difficulties together.

The little girl is carefully tried at night, and the mother is really not angry, and it is still tone, and the sunshine smile is re-exposed.

In fact, in this era of anxiety, I really want to applaud for this pair of calm parents.

The famous psychologist Rogers once said: Love is deep understanding and accepting.

Even if the child is far less than your expectation, you won't be disappointed, not even discouraged;

It is never given up, accepts him, encouraging him, accompanying him with him to walk with the most difficult days.

Love is your hobby and interest

I must respect and support

The 12-year-old little boy is very interested in hobbies with others.

Other children like to play football, play piano, painting, but he especially likes to study bugs.

His family raises more than 200 bugs, like ant, 螂, butterfly ...

And it is still constantly grasping the new bug, and it is nothing to study in the small soil pile of the room.

If you change your home, you may have already collapsed, I feel that the child does not understand the business, it is more difficult to understand.

Just like the mother of "Xiaoli", because of afraid of delaying the school, I will throw the little child's favorite ants.

Yelitude parents not only support him, but also to take care of those small bugs, spray the nutrient solution by one inters of the small insect, and take him into the mountain to catch the bugs in the holiday.

After finding the rare bug, Yinran Dad is more excited than Yin Rong.

Today, this focus is loved, and there is light in the eyes in the field of insects, even more than many college students who learn insects.

This is Yinran, the little boy who loves insects is undoubtedly lucky.

Even if his family is ordinary, you can give him support and great respect, but a lot of wealth.

I think this kind of love and respect are enough to be the most precious spiritual pillar of his life, and support him very far away.

Love is the comfort and inclusion of mistakes

In the past, there was a 10-year-old boy who left home and was found on one day.

When he was found, he only worn on short sleeves and slippers, and he did not know where it was.

But the boy's father did not say anything, but the first time took off the cotton jacket to the child.

Because Dad is in a hurry to find a child, I only wear a cotton jacket. After taking off myself, I am hurt in the cold night.

This seems a simple move, but let countless netizens red eyelids:

"It's so envious, I am wrong from Xiaoyao, I will only be smashed, no one is cold, I am afraid."

"If I left home, I was found, my dad was definitely not said, first gave me a foot."

Yes, every growing child will make mistakes, mistakes are the necessary roads in children.

Many parents always tear each other in criticism and accusation in criticism, and in the end, both sides are bruised.

In fact, the best way to win the child is to stand with them, first and they stand.

Let the child know "no matter what, I love you", "I am willing to face you anymore, I will be able to open my heart and become better yourself.

Love is unconditional trust and firm

A mother received a transcript sent by the teacher and found that the child Dragon's English exam did not have a score, and it felt very strange.

After I asked the teacher, the answer was:

This test is difficult, and Long Long usually achieves, but it has got near full, this is very uncommon, there is a suspect for cheating ...

After a discussion, they decided not to knew the child, wait until Longlong school, go home, first asked again. After listening to the child very confident that he replied, the stone in his husband finally fell.

In order to ensure that there is no loss, Dad also brought the answer to cover the answer, let Dragon Answer again and found that it did replied smoothly.

After repeatedly considering the statement, Dad gave the teacher to the teacher, proved Dragon Dragon's innocent, but also stressed the fact that the child worked hard on weekends.

The teacher also admitted that it is handled by itself, and it will give the dragon's achievements to him.

When the couple faced the child, the textbook has also obtained the consistency of netizens.

What is the child's unconditional love? I think it should be unconditional trust.

Even if the wind in the world, I still say that you are still standing around him, telling him:

Don't be afraid, I believe in you.

Love is not a hard work

But the first cultivation of themselves

Some time ago, I saw a special admired father on hanging.

After junior high school, his daughter's score has been in the middle, and it is still addive.

He has never been crowded to have a daughter, but a resolute decision to accompany her daughter "again."

First, the daughter's textbooks and exercises, he all prepares a set, learn together with her, do a problem, get better than daughter, sleep than daughter;

It also made a study plan according to the daughter's learning.

He insisted on the transfer every day, and he communicated with his daughter and learned the knowledge points during the day ...

It is often well communicated with the teacher to master the daughter's learning.

He also takes example, quits games, TV series, card friend wine friends ...

Have all the rest and entertainment time to the child, but also to the list of attention, cut off 300 people, reduce unnecessary links with the outside world.

I have to say that this father is really painful for her daughter.

He did not "smash the whip" after the child, but standing in the same battlefield with his daughter shoulder, together with a punch.

Yes, true love never talks, not control, not imposing your expectations, and is not a hard work.

Instead to cultivate yourself, let yourself grow with your child and make progress together.

Love is compared to grades and ranks

I care more about your happiness and happiness.

"Teenagers 3", there is such a moving scene.

There is a high school boy called Wu Qianyi very well, often testing the whole school, but his family seeing him first, but always worry.

He couldn't help but see his mother:

Many parents hope that their children's results are getting higher and higher, but my mother doesn't think so.

I pursue progress, what is wrong?

The explanation of my mother took the heart of the whole person.

It turned out that children were particularly stronger from small, but also wrote a few words on their desk "" The second is backward ";

After testing the third, my mother gave him a red envelope. He refused, but also said, "no first, there is a good collection."

This makes her very worried, afraid that the child suffers too much pressure.

This mother is gentle looking at the child on the stage:

"I want to tell you that there should be only college entrance examination in your life, but also poems and distant."

It is not easy to make it.

In the case of "only grade" spread, this kind of hard and visionary mother is like a flame, bright and dazzling.

Maybe this is true love.

More than a child's grades, we care about his nephew, he can happily walking smoothly.

Love is not asking you big rich

I will only wish you a happy life.

Hunan Gao Sanyong Xiaosheng shared his story at the class.

She said that her recent simulation test results are not ideal, I am worried that I can't take a book, and I am very low after home.

After my mother know, it is first affirmed her efforts and warmly relieving her:

"I can't do this, I have no relationship, I can also be, as long as you are healthy and happy."

She was surprised after he heard, smiled and asked her mother to see "Hello, Li Huanying", but the mother said, this is her heart .....

Many of the students who were present were heard after hearing it.

Netizens also said that this is a lot of parents.

Yes, dear children, my mother really doesn't ask you how much walking in the future, I only hope that you can be happy and happy and healthy.

When the writer is idle, I will share a paragraph of my own son:

"This is my mother, she is 8 years old this year. Before gotting me, she is just a girl, after giving me, she is a mother.

I am 8 years old this year, so my mother is also 8 years old.

My 8-year-old mother, sometimes not good enough, do something a bit pursuit, and occasionally love temper.

But I love her very much. Because, the 8-year-old mother is not good enough, but it is very hard. "

What kind of touching is a sincerity.

Our children always love us unconditionally, even if we are not perfect.

Can we? But I always forget the initial heart of the child in the anxiety of the day, giving this love to the shackle.

In fact, raising a child, it is a self-healing and growth, but also to the bidirection of the child.What is it still?It is a lucky to have a chance to accompany him.

Haizi wrote in "living in the precious people":

Live in this precious human, the sun is strong, and the water waves are gentle.

This sun, just like a child carefree smile; this water wave, just like the most clear love and gentleness of parents.

2021 is coming soon, in the upcoming new year, don't forget to love your child.

He knocked 1000 stomachs, with love and trust in you, talented you.

Please take him to see the rose and warm sun in the world.

Point "Looking at", you and me.

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