The first winter holiday after "Double Reduction", wants to turn into the car, guide children to do this 5 points

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The first winter holiday after "Double Reduction", wants to turn into the car, guide children to do this 5 points

2022-01-15 00:09:21 21 ℃

Author: Wenxi (parents reading author)

Unconsciously, the first winter holiday after "double reduction" is coming.

One month, long, long, say short, enough to make a child before it is abandoned, is enough to let the children develop a good habit.

Cannot use the winter holiday, after the holiday, the child will cause both polarization.

Therefore, we must want to turn around to overtake, parents may wish to guide children to do this.

The ancient language is a word: "Everything is presented, not prevalent."

With learning plan, the child has a goal, and the goal promotes the child's self-discipline.

I have seen a learning plan table for netizens and children.

The plan is detailed while ensuring the combination of work and rest.

The mother first let the child need to do what to do every day, help her make a form, then do some guidance.

Since most of the planned table is completed by children, the child is very accomplished, so the enthusiasm is particularly high.

She insisted on 7:30 every day, 9:30, sleep, and complete the day's learning task.

A winter holiday, she didn't have a mistress, and they were full, so confidence was full, but also felt the endless power of persistence.

This will be the wealth of your child.

Behind every outstanding child, standing with parents who are accompanying.

Once the study plan is set, the parents should supervise their children insist on principles, firmly implement, can't compromise casually. Otherwise, the planning table is to shape it.

Parents also invite some encouragement and patience to help children carry planned.

A teacher friend told me a story of a little boy in her class.

The little boys like to read the book from small, starting to see "Historical Record" in the second grade, which makes friends amazed.

At the parent meeting, friends also deliberately invite children to share the experience of cultivating children to read habits.

My mother said that I didn't cultivate it, but when the child was 2 years old, she and the child's father was busy with the exam, and every night would read the book before the desk.

Gradually, the child also moved on the small stool to sit next to the desk. Drawing book, painting book, reading interest is from that time.

Writer Baldwin said: "

Children will never listen to adults, but they will imitate adults.


Therefore, when the child is reading, the parents don't do nothing, and they can't do the low-headed, but should pick up a book quietly read.

For the choice of reading books, the must-read books specified by the curriculum must let the child read one read, and then choose some children to be interested in content. Parents do not do too much interference in this area, and believe in the opening.

Although more parents now realize the importance of reading, they are willing to take time with their children to read, but they often arrange the contents of the book or write a task after reading a sense of reading.

Under the pressure, reading is no longer a relaxing, long time, the children's reading interest is killed.

If parents want to know about their children's reading, some small game methods can be used.

For example, a scene in imitation of the book, playing roles with your child; you ask me an answer, the child has a question to let the parents answer, the parents have a question to let the child answer;

Working with the child in painting the picture or the small object used in the book in the book.

Parent-child reading is a good way to share the spiritual food of parents and children, and they will have to harvest extraordinary effects.

Harvard University scholars have done a tracking study for more than 20 years, got an amazing conclusion:

Children and children who don't love their housework, the employment rate after adulthood is 15: 1, the crime rate is 1:10. Love

The average income of your child is about 20%, and their husband and wife are relatively low.

Appropriately make children do some housework can really help the child's growth.

There have been a Taiwanese mother education 3-year-old daughter sharing a video fire of housework, mother only let her daughter answered a question: "Do you want to be a family?"

Daughter is very in place for "family" and "guest" definitions:

"Family" is what everyone will help each other, not only one person is often resting, there is no need; "guest" is after eating things.

Finally, the child did not hesitate to choose "as a family."

From the small teaching of children to do some houseworks can make him more human consciousness, knowing that they are a copy of the home, the family is the responsibility he needs to bear.

In fact, doing housework is a task that is endless, but it is more entertainment for children.

The child is so good to learn from the little, and they are passionate about the adults at the age of 1 or 2.

During doing housework, the child is increasing to parents' small assistants, hands-on ability, thinking ability, and expression skills can be improved, they will more understand their parents and grateful parents.

So, from now on teaching a child to pick up your own toys, stack clothes, finish bed, sweep, wash your bowl, and even make a simple dish.

A family is doing housework together, and love is in one move, and the child will be grateful to use their parents.

After the epidemic, we can understand the preciousness of your health. The most effective way to fight against disease is to improve autoimmunity.

Exercise is the most convenient way to enhance immunity.

In the time of winter holidays, parents can do these indoor sports together with their children. Crawl: Take a half-minute or one minute a day to do crawling, which can not only alleviate the pain in the waist, but also exercise human balance.

Frog jump: Frog jump is an exercise for developing thigh muscles and hip power.

Sitting bracing: can improve the flexibility of joints, improve the function of soft tissue around the joint and stretch of muscles, ligaments, tendons.

Push-ups: Push-ups mainly exercise muscles of upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially chest muscles. It is very easy to travel very effective for strength training.

High raise legs: two legs alternate high, frequency yourself. This action protects the spine to prevent joint degradation.

It should be noted that all exercises should be determined according to their own conditions, and it is necessary to gradually enter, and it is not forced to achieve some effect. Otherwise, it will not be lost.

Italian scholar, artist Da Vinci said:

Sport is the source of all life.

Even if you are in your home, sports can still active our soul.

Many film and television works can bring profound enlightenment to the heart, which is a very good choice to revisit some classic works and children.

"Breaking the horizon"

Keywords: dream power

The film is 7 minutes, there is no line, but it makes people move.

If one day, my parents are not there, what should I leave for my child?

The spirit of spirit is far more than the material to accompany the child.

It will be integrated with the life of the child, and the children will take a good life.

"beautiful life"

Keywords: father loves no borders

In order to give my son a beautiful childhood, my father fares to weave a lie.

Although the world is dark, my father is willing to give you a sun.

As long as you believe, what you love, you will always believe it.

"Find Dreams"

Key words: cherish lost and owned

"When this world does not remember you, you will really disappear from this world."

The film will express "death" in a fairy tale,

Let your child slowly understand what is lost and owned during viewing.

Lost and own, are all valuable wealth of life, should be cherished.

Documentary "Earth Pulver"

The creatures on the earth are beautiful,

Present a grand visual feast for the children,

Let the children feel the magnificent and wonderfulness of nature.

Documentary "If the national treasure will speak"

Tell a piece of cultural relics per episode,

Let the child are in the storyline of the exciting, fascinating,

Children will experience,

The cultural relics are not objects that have no life, and it has come to today's life.

Documentary "Aviation China"

This documentary called "Every frame is beautiful to sing the national anthem",

Bring the children to the cloud, overlooking this magical and beautiful earth,

Feel the US, China, strong China.

These classic works can lead their children to some places that cannot be entered, and experience people who have never had had had had had, and I believe that children will be able to get different soul experiences.

The education community has a famous saying: First have a relationship and more education, there is no relationship, there is no education.

Many family dysfunctions, the root cause of tight relationships, not lack of education and knowledge, but lack deep companion.

Therefore, the first winter vacation after "Double Reduction", parents calm down and share this parent-child time, accompany the child, believe this will become the most unique part of the child memory.