Don't build your child into a white-eyed wolf, worth all of the parents read 3 times

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Don't build your child into a white-eyed wolf, worth all of the parents read 3 times

2022-01-15 00:08:34 21 ℃

There are always some people, you live youth invincible, you have a bright and bright, but you can't see you behind your parents, in order to let you live better, it is still qi.


You live and beautiful, your parents are loudly

Some time ago, chat with friends, he accompanied a brother in Hokkaido, Japan. I asked him that he is not happy. He told me that he and your brother are not a way, so the journey is not very pleasant.

He said with me, the younger brother went to Japan to play, and his mother didn't worry, invited my friend to follow the younger brother.

His younger brother, the family is not rich, just on the college, there is no ability to make money, but there is a lot of money. Let's talk about a little thing, Japanese price is very expensive, a cantaloupe is about 30 yuan.

Friends ask me:

"You can agree with yourself can't make money, the family is not very rich, the eyes are not just because of the thirst, I don't want to buy water but eat three kinds of cantaloupe?"

This child, let me think of a very impression: Parents are still in the might, but you are showing off poetry and distant.


Very much people like this

Another friend, the family conditions are very general, but it is very "advanced" day.

She suspected that the unit box is difficult to eat, go out at noon at noon, and will be a cup of milk tea in the afternoon. Going out with her, she will always pull me very popular, the price is also very expensive.

Tourism with her, she has always bought buy, spend money as flowing in the scenic spot. The stinky tofu is not good, she tasted a piece, spit it out, frowning, throwing it.

I don't dare to persuade her to spend money. Don't be too big. Every time I tried to advise her, she did not get into the eye, moved out of her two sentences, and he was very straightforward.

The first sentence, "girls, we must be rich." The second sentence, "" Go out, you must be happy, don't care too much. "

It seems that I advise her to save properly, it seems that I am too small.

I thought she must be able to stand the family, until I went to her home. She lives in the civil housing in the suburbs, the old is wet, narrow and small, from the second floor of the first floor, to climb up from a very steep staircase.

Her grandmother wearing a school uniform jacket at her high school, sitting at home picking vegetables. She asked her grandmother to play cards, and the old man said: I lost dozens of dollars in these two days, I am not happy today.

I borrowed their home bathroom, my grandmother didn't forget me, I have to use the water rush of the mop in the bucket, don't press the button, the water is rushing, waste money.

It is this frugal old man, but put himself on a piece of accumulated savings, and gives the granddaughter, let the granddaughter waved.

I dad with her mom and dad, her dad, didn't expect her to make money to support her family, and she earned the salary, giving themselves.

Later, the friend went to travel together, and lifted it in winter, she was ready to buy a car, and her family also agreed to buy her. I heard these, I can only smile, I don't know what to respond.


Said that the joke said, "I will regard money such as dung, my parents will depend on the septic tank."

Our generation, many people are so.

Some time ago, discuss how children will raise their children, someone asks: boy wants to be poor? How many enemies do you have?

I also want to ask those children who are squandering with their parents: children are rich? How much is your parents owe you?

I know a boys. He has sold all the spendings before going to the university. Occasionally travel money, but also earned by our part-time work. After work, he picked up a pen to the parents from the salary of each month.

After the child adult, parents have not raised their own obligations, and the roots do not have to explore how to raise their topics. Reality is that many people have been married, but also let their parents back to loans.

If you are like me, I am from ordinary families, then you should be very clear that every penny earned, it is not easy.

When the parents are engaged in physical labor, when the parents are engaged in physical labor, when the parents are engaged in mental work in the small lattice, you will consume the salary of their day, really will not Is there a silk jealous?

When the parents are called the little call, when the parents are called by the customer, you are calling friends, the chic date, is it really unbearable?

When you use the iPhone, iPad, Mac to put your full deputy armed, your parents have to think about a 10-dollar 100m traffic package, I have to think about it.

When you wear a brand, a pair of shoes will have thousands of shoes, their parents are wearing old shoes that are eliminated by you, they don't understand the brand you said, you still laugh at them;

When you think your knowledge, literacy, the horizons are far more than parents, so if you have thought about it, if you haven't thought about it, in fact, it is the parent to hold you to a higher place, you have The opportunity saw a bigger world?

You live youth invincible, you have a bright and bright, but you can't see you, silently support your parents, in order to let you live a better life, you are still loud to this world.

Don't think of your parents when you are lacking, they are not ATM, they have temperatures on their chests, their heartbeat has feelings.

Parents loved us, loved not easy. In the distance, to his mother call it, thanks to the sound of his mother is not a shame; in the side, remember to go home for dinner, if we can buy a small gift, I believe that every mother would be people talking about a very long time ...... do not forget , and also asked the good father.


Many parents unknowingly cultivate White Wolf.

Evening meals have been served, I call her daughter: "eat it" "Wait," she replied.

I eat a. A few minutes later, her daughter came over, looked at the table and asked: "? My meal of it" is accompanied by an indignant look dissatisfied.

I was surprised. Her expression, her cross-examination, clearly telling me: You should hold a good meal for me, why not give me hold rice it?

7 years old, she has a pair of players, she obviously can own hold rice, why of course I have to feel for her hold rice it?

I immediately found out why. Although I have always warned myself not to do too much for their children, let the children learn to be responsible for myself, but my mother still many, unwittingly doing a little too much for the child.

I used to have to hold rice for her, that she thought it was her mother should hold rice for her to do. So, she not only did not hold rice I have been grateful for her, but because she did not give up and hold rice today and dissatisfaction. Yes ah, since it is a mother supposed to do, how she'll appreciate it?

I realize this is in foster daughter "by a sense of well-deserved." "Deserved" means a person feel that others owe him something, or that someone else must give him special treatment.

Have this tendency of people think that others (especially close to him) should give what he wanted, someone else, he felt that people should do, he ungrateful; others did not give, he thinks others too it should be, so he disgruntled and resentful.

Deserved a strong sense of man, may become a "White Wolf."

I do not want his daughter to develop a White Wolf. My upbringing she is my duty as a mother, she does not return map. However, I think if she grew up do for her everything is as it should be, if I ever do less, or do not do, she would hate me ...... if these occur, it is my tragedy.

So I told her:

Mom just reflect for a moment, may I used to hold rice for you, make you feel as you hold rice mother should do. I think this is very bad. Starting today, hold rice is your own business, you should hold your own.

Since then, I am more alert to whether too much for her to do, always remind myself not to do things in her part for her, and some of the chores assigned to her, let her take responsibility for one's family; in our work when invited (and required) to help her, so she realizes that we work hard; she teaches the expression of gratitude.

If she thanked, she will get more if she had not gratitude, next time I will not do it for her; reducing substances meet, let her know she does not want anything can get.

I see many parents unwittingly culture with White Wolf.

They have done too much for their children, school or school on the road, most children carrying school bags by parents, children peace of mind go empty-handed; clothing to hand out food to mouth, do not do housework, just do a good job learning; creature comforts are too much meet, many students have their own cell phones and computers ......

These are fueled by the child's sense of well-deserved.

Today he thinks you should pack for his endorsement, buy a mobile phone, tomorrow he will think you ought to find a job for him, buy a car, buy a house. If one day you can not give what he wants, he will probably feel resentment up.

Teach children to learn to be responsible, to understand how important Thanksgiving!

Gratitude and a child, he will be grateful to someone else made for him, and he got all cherish, that all have in front of happy and happiness.

Parents should keep in mind:

If you do not want the children into "White Wolf", then do not do too much for their children, do not contribute to the child's sense of well-deserved by, going to teach their children know how to Thanksgiving.