Third-class parents use fist tubes, second-class parents with their mouth management children, first-class parents use behaviors!

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Third-class parents use fist tubes, second-class parents with their mouth management children, first-class parents use behaviors!

2022-01-15 06:02:57 10 ℃

Third-class parents use fist tubes, second-class parents with their mouth management children, first-class parents use behavior to manage children. Don't fight, use your actions to affect your child, use your emotions to infect children, is the direction of education we pursue.

Many Mom and Dad have such feelings, the greater the child, the more difficult! Especially after the child is going to school, the self-awareness is getting stronger, parents and children's daily knots began to stage.

A few days ago, some friends gathered together, gossip didn't talk two sentences, and the topic was natural, turned to educate children. Everyone is talking about eight tongues, and the old Liu suddenly inserted: "I really envy you, my family Obmint. My family said that I talked when I was fart. I said that I was so embarrassed, sometimes I really got me halfway, I think he is.

In the morning, you don't stop remind, he is refused to get up!

You let him do itself, after half an hour, one word is not written!

If he eats more vegetables and fruit, he doesn't listen, always secretly eat snacks!

I am clear that it is right, it is also good for him, even if I have said 1000 times, he is not listening, she is omissiting me! "

Dear parents, do you have such a situation in your home?

1 The more you threaten, the more you don't listen

American Tiger Ma Cai Meier, do you know?

right! It is the one who sent two daughters to Harforn, in order to let the children win, everything, do not hesitate to use a variety of forced, grievance, and even high-pressure measures. But even her means, tough mother, I met my daughter and didn't listen, sometimes I didn't have anything.

In her bestseller "Tiger Wars Song", she told a thing that happened to himself and her daughter.

When her daughter was a child, she used various ways to force her daughter to practice the piano, but the Lulu refused to cooperate. Cai Mei, who is not allowed to swear, threatened her daughter. If you don't practice the piano, you will throw her away from the cold wind.

Originally thought that this trick will make the daughter fear that they did not expect the stubborn Luohi to open the door, and the thin clothes turned out, and she was challenged to see her.

Cai Meier who plans to succinctly did not have a countermeasure, and only the steps were only looking for steps, she said, "Luo, it seems that you have already begun to do a child, you can enter the house."

Who is expected, the cold wind is swing, and it is resolutely refused to enter the door. Unparalleled Cai Meier has to take out chocolate and cakes, and finally take the daughter into the house.

In the face of stubborn children, threaten them with "话", I believe that many parents are light cars, "If they don't go, I will throw you alone here", "I am so crazy, I will again." Don't take you out "

"Sword", the child has a convergence immediately, which is more effective than the persuasion of our Barabara. However, this "big trick" is "sequelae". The more frequent use, the faster the failure.

When we threaten your child in the first time, the child is really scared, it will be very honest and obedient. However, after the number of threats, the child will habits, it seems like you to say, in fact, it has already been free to go, don't care about what you are talking about.

There is a noun in psychology, called overrun effects, about its explanation: Due to excessive stimulation, excessive or long working time, thereby causing psychological extremely impatient or reverse. It is simple to say that: "If you want to say something, you should not be embarrassed."

Why do you have a child's child in the army to serve the post? Because the instructor's instructions are simply determined, never sloppy water. The more you have a lengthy, cumbersome directive, the more executed.

2 Before you criticize your child, you must do it first.

I know someone asked: "How do you think about the parents always love the 'other people's children'?"

Among them, the largest answer is: because "and force yourself, you can easily."

Yu Minhong, once recommended a book called "Changing the child to change his own". The author Jia Rongwu originally a cause, but it is a "bad" father.

His son is a "deep internet addiction teenager". The number of students who have learned the results, several participation in the group, and be persuaded by the school twice.

For this son, Jia Rongwu is also hitting, and it is jealous, even runs to the school.

But his son not only did not converge, but more varied, it was unseained in the Internet cafe, and no longer goes to school.

The disappointing Jia Longwei made a surprising decision, he turned off the business that he worked hard and hired, and went home to accompany his son.

After returning home, he made a variety of education knowledge and strive to adjust its own education.

The child made mistakes, he no longer took violent solution, but patiently worked hard; the child did not talk about hygiene, he started from ourselves, cleaning all the rooms every room, the child does not love to learn, he adheres to a lot Read and strive to create a learning atmosphere.

When I saw Jia Rongwei, I was touched, and his son was touched and began to reduce the number of times to go online. One day, my son played an all night in the encouragement of my classmates, until the next morning, I walked into the house.

Jia Rongwei not only did not criticize him, but also on the hot meal, said: "Child, although you go online, but your progress is amazing, the number of input cafe has been greatly reduced, this proves that you are perseverance It is not far from success! You can overcome this strong enemy. What else can you overcome? "In the end, Jia Rongwu's son completely quit the Internet addiction, strive to learn, and college entrance examination.

There is a good sentence, the third-class parents use fist tube children, second-class parents with their mouth management children, first-class parents use behavior to manage children.

Teacher is seriously reported, when we do itself, the child naturally follows.

3 Don't fight, educate children must have methods

1. Caute the child's attention with the appropriate method

Let the child stop in the hand, watching you, then tell him. Otherwise, many times the child is immersed in something, I really didn't hear you.

2. Try to be less

Parents talk too embarrassment, it is equal to the words of their words into white noise, suitable for sleeping, not suitable for letting go to the child's brain. So there is usually less, there is an important situation, talk about it, completely solve it.

3. The instruction should be specific, without negative emotions

For the child's directive, you must let him know what you want him to do in this moment. For example, don't say "you should neat some", and say: "Now, put your desktop, then we are doing manual."

The instruction should not be complained, accusing, counting, without negative emotions. When a person finds that he is accused of criticism by others, he will never be willing to listen; because his mental energy is used in "Defense" your "attack".

4. Wait patiently for child feedback

After the next instruction, give your child some time. Many parents' practices are, seeing the child does not immediately react, immediately send a second to the arrow, and then a way, the firepower is rapidly upgraded, and it will be filled with smoke. Give the instruction, finally give the child 10 seconds, let him have enough time to respond.

5. After giving the child instruction, let him repeat it again

Sometimes, after you give your child instruction, let your child review it once to confirm that he really hears and understands. Often, the child did not do in accordance with the requirements of the adults, not his heart is resistant, just because he is old, did not understand.

Parents have children to confirm that they can sometimes find such issues in time. Then we make adjustments, make our instructions more specific, clear, and concise. With the age of children, we can gradually increase the complexity of the instructions and exercise your child's understanding.

6. Teach children to think

If necessary, discuss with your child: When you call your mother, if your mother doesn't respond, what do you feel? When you call your child, if the other party didn't take care of you, what do you think? When you have a question, when you call your teacher, if the teacher doesn't respond, what do you think? Tell him that if you reply to others, it is the most basic etiquette and is respect for others. For example, someone else gives you something, if you refuse, but also say "Thank you, I don't want", you can't set it.

7. Try to hand over things to your child's own management

When you call your child, you should reflect on whether there are too many children's instructions and too much control. If we can give your child self-sovereignty and space, encourage him to do things independently, to judge, choose, you will decide, hand it over to him, only when you really need your opinion and reminder, then, you Opinions and reminders will get more respect.

Anyone hates is urged, parents' urgency will often cause the child's dislike, so try to give things to the child to manage themselves. For example, use alarm clock or timer to replace your supervision and urge, the effect is better.

As a parent, we want to retain your child's ear, let them hear our suggestions, you have to learn to take a good child to adjust your mind, seek effective entry point and expression.