Children will not speak may be autistic

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Children will not speak may be autistic

2022-01-15 06:02:55 10 ℃

Nowadays, many children have not started, often encountered a different "treatment" in the process of growing development, just like having a long time, a little higher, and some children are relatively slow. Others have some children talk early, some are a little late, this is normal, but if the child is more than 2 years old, you can't talk, even the basic parents can't call, parents should pay attention. The emergence of this situation is likely to be a child suffering from autism, and parents need parents to pay attention to it in time to restore health.

"Do not speak" is a typical symptom in autism, escaping to people, resisting or afraid to talk to people, talking, not looking at human eyes, rarely or has no attention. Will not actively interact with people, share or participate in activities, and even have very little words, which is particularly unqualified.

Give everyone a simple example of several autism symptoms:

1, call his name, he didn't respond, it seems that he didn't listen to people, so that people suspect that he had listening problems.

2, resistance or fear with people to talk, talk, do not see people's eyes, very few or no attention

3, other emotions fluctuate, behavior, interested is very engraved, narrow. If you have any words, you repeat the content or part of the content of others, imitate.

4, when you fall, you will not cry, not afraid of pain, not afraid of danger.

Nowadays, many children have their own symptoms, which requires parents to care for care, helping children get out of this dilemma, better enjoy healthy life. If you are not very clear about the symptoms of child autism, you can log in for a long time, there are more details about autism, maybe you can bring a different health protection for your child to help them can better Restably from autism, enjoy the happiest healthy childhood.