The child is always awakened in the middle of the night. The pediatrician said the truth: 90% of the parents of this question have been committed!

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The child is always awakened in the middle of the night. The pediatrician said the truth: 90% of the parents of this question have been committed!

2022-01-15 06:02:39 10 ℃

Before you start, ask everyone a question: Do you have a sleep problem?

Some time ago, I found a post in my post. I have caused a hot discussion: # There is a sleep baby, suddenly feeling very boring, how do you continue to live? #

When the post came out, it caused the strong total of the big Bao Dad's moms (spit).

@ 小 子

My family will sleep after turning over, I wake up in the evening, wake up for at least 2 hours, I don't sleep, and sometimes I can always play.


My family's little ancestors sleep very light, I can wake up 8 times a night. Looking for the moon, the nursery, even still went to see the doctor, did not use it, and the mother every day, the dark circles, it is sleepy and tired, all the fairy hang ...

I have a deep feeling of these moments. My child is a typical "Sleeping" baby, I have a sleep, sleep, sleep, sing, and wake up.

Because the problem of sleeping, the whole family of chicken is flying, that day is really unbearable.

The child is not sleeping well, and the adults are tired.


In order to make the "sleep" baby in the house, the old mother began to secretly learn to do homework.

I don't know if I don't know, in most cases, the formation of sleeping babies is trail.

It is common to cause "Sleeping" baby, it is recommended that parents collect it.

When the baby is still born, I can feel my mother's heartbeat and temperature in real time. So a born, many children's insecurity will increase sharply, especially when they are sleeping at night.

Some high demand, high-sensitive babies need to wake up, night milk to determine that they have been protected by mothers.

At this time, my mother only needs quietly to accompany the child, tap the back of TA, let the baby feel safe, Ta can quickly sleep.

Previously, my baby encountered this situation. It was very good to sleep. Suddenly became a "sleeping slag" baby, and I started sleeping for 2 hours per night.

Later, when I took a shower, I found out that her back, arms, thighs, etc., there were several skin rough, with a few red plaques, and wrinkled.

Take a child to the hospital, the doctor said this is dry eczema. Apply a medicine, the rash is not itchy, and the child sleeps well.

In addition to skin dry eczema, baby intestines or intestinal cramps is also common discomfort symptoms, will also affect children's sleep.

It is recommended that mothers have finished feeding milk, be sure to shoot, and go to sleep. I usually observe the child's mental state. If the body does not affect sleep, you must seek medical attention in time.

The light is too strong, the surrounding environment is too noisy (such as someone watching TV or loud chatting at home), you will interfere with your baby's sleep.

Many parents are afraid that the child is cold, and it will give the baby too thick too much, which will also cause the child to be irritated and will not sleep.

There is also a reason that is easy to neglect: the child is urinary, pulled, but the ass is uncomfortable, and it will wake up.

"The Book of Children's Encyclopedia" in the United States, gives mothers these 2 recommendations:

1. To establish a warm and comfortable sleep environment

The indoor light should be soft: It is recommended that mothers can use bright and dim light to help the baby distinguish awake and fall asleep. Take the curtain to reduce the illumination at night; sleep at night, it is best to turn off the lights, or leave a nightlight.

The room temperature is maintained at about 20 ° C is most comfortable, wearing a loose, soft, breathable clothes, do not cover too thick.

One hour before going to bed, try to keep a peaceful atmosphere.

Conditional treasure moms can also try to take appropriate touch after taking your baby, these sleep ritives can help the baby fall asleep smoothly.

2, no one is to interrupt your baby sleep

For example, the little baby feeds the night milk at night, it is best to keep quiet, parents don't play with their children, go to sleep, don't open the lights.

For example, after the child falls, try to reduce the frequency of replacement of diapers.

If you can, it is best not to change!

But some mothers worry that the baby is uncomfortable at night, at this time, it is especially important to a soft and comfortable diaper.


There is a saying that my "Sleeping" baby is "cured" by the royal diapers of Junjia.

It is also skillful, accidentally chance I see Junjia's advertisement in Jingdong, I feel very suitable for my baby.

Moreover, I also heard other mothers in my mother's group, and I was particularly suitable for newborn, I decided to go down in Jingdong.

As we all know, the baby's skin is delicate, so I bought something for my child. I try to choose high-end quality.

This Junjia Royal Diaper is very good. Its material uses velvet touch noble cotton, and it is the very advanced feeling, fluffy and soft, very suitable for your baby's delicate skin.

Don't look at Ejna Royal Diaper in normal state and the general diaper thickness is not much different, but after gently squeezing, its thickness is only half of it, and will rebound quickly.

(Small coup: this way can test the softness of the baby diaper ~)

Such fluffy diapers, old mothers express very relieved.

Moreover, the faresmanship of all the treasures, Junja Royal diapers are also properly divided.

The softness of this diaper surface is beyond imaginable. It has repeatedly rubbed the soap with the soft surface of Ejna Royal diapers. There is no "scratch".

In addition to the fluffy soft, Junja Royal diapers, the selection of velvet nobility cotton materials are still very safe, pure natural and non-pollution, which is very relieved to children. Of course, as a colorful manager, the royal value is also very attractive!

Its design is very advanced, exquisite continental embossing, as well as a belt design of luxury court wind, capturing the hearts of mothers who pursue quality.

Junjie Royal diapers not only soft, high, and the weak acidic surface has no weakly acidic surface is one of my reasons.

The baby is in the evening, pulled, but the ass will not feel uncomfortable, you can sleep all night.

This time, I used Nijia Royal diapers to feel that I really got a treasure.

Want to "rich" baby, first start from this big design, Junji, Et.

This Nika Royal Paper Diaper is super imagined soft. My "Sleeping" baby put it on it. It really can call it. Now it is a tiger.


It is worth mentioning that in addition to the royal diapers, I have also rated her home baby wipes.

This Nika Moony soft baby wipes, but also stunned.

It likes it from packaging, it feels very good. The texture is even more, super soft, it is very suitable for your baby.

The ingredients of this wipes are very clean, free of alcohol, fragrances and fluorescent whitening agents, and the baby's hand can be used.

Usually the child eats hands, drools, spit milk, I use it to wipe the child, wip the hand, clean and hygiene, very convenient.

You can use it at home, and it is even more home. Adult children wiped hand, don't mention more convenience ~

It is not exaggerated that this wipes have already used 3 packs, and the consumption is very large.

Recently, the new year's big promotion is now purchased by Junja Royal Diaper and Junjia Moony Flexible baby wipes super cost-effective.

Moreover, quietly telling you that these two orders will be purchased together, more favorable! !

Seriously, there is a four-footed gold beast, diapers and baby wipes are essential consumables.