Help pet: What should I do if my dog is postpone?What do you need a pet?

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Help pet: What should I do if my dog is postpone?What do you need a pet?

2022-01-15 06:02:45 10 ℃

The dog constipation is a common situation, but the post-subsequent dog constipation should be attached to, finding the right measures after finding the reason, because the dog's body is relatively weak, the resistance and immunity are also relatively poor, if it is constipation Time is too long, colitis is not good. The following is the method reference to the method of dealing with the dog's constipation, if it is no experience, you can look down.

1, suitable diet

In the 1 or 2 days of postpartum, something to give your mother should be a millet porridge, add a small amount of meat. If it is more, it may have a constipation if you feed the dog's food or feed it. To adjust the diet first, stop the dog food, prepare some fine food to supplement, and then add the dog's food after 3 to 4 days. It can restore normal diet until day 7. During the period, you should drink plenty of water, add some glucose in the water, or help the dog to supplement nutritious.

2, feeding probiotics

At this time, the dog stomach digestion will be relatively poor, and the peristaltic force will be relatively low. If it is much fed, there may be diet to add intestines. In this regard, the right amount of Wang Su Tong can be added in drinking water, and the pet probiotics will be added to the dog to increase intestinal motility and reduce constipation. Behind feeding can also prepare some of the more digestible foods such as Wang Xi goat milk powder, and make brewed and fed.

3, proper exercise

The post-post-child dog is also properly moving, you can use some snacks, toys with dogs, let it work out in the fifth day after birth, so that it can help row. If the dog constipation is quite serious, it is recommended to send medical treatment in a timely manner, not blindly to the dog with a dog, so as to avoid the anus of the dog, or depends on.