Why do you say that the weather is cold, you must insist on sending the baby kindergarten?

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Why do you say that the weather is cold, you must insist on sending the baby kindergarten?

2022-01-15 06:02:34 10 ℃

Nowadays, the weather is gradually cold, and these days are also sudden cooling, the children of the elementary school, parents will delay the children's class, affect the final learning results, as long as the body will not be uncomfortable, will persist Sending children to go to school, and the kindergarten is a big problem due to the small morning, it will be cold in the morning, but it will be cold, just let them get at home, in fact, as long as the baby is not uncomfortable, it must learn Stick to, cultivate good habits, pay attention to the parents, then, the children will understand the importance of kindergarten and cultivate a good habit of self-discipline.

The first is that life will be more rules, in the learning life of kindergarten is carried out according to rules, eat on time to eat outdoor activities, in kindergarten, children's activities are relatively large, eat fragrance, sleep It's so fast, I will take a small-editor's girlfriend. I am very happy at home. I don't want to go to bed at noon, but in the school, there is a atmosphere of collective, it can be lying in bed, so Can guarantee enough sleep.

Secondly, the body will be more strong. As the parents do not want their own baby, there will be outdoor games every morning in the school, and there will be physical circulation of physical fitness every week, will make the children get full The exercise will be better to the body. If the weather is not good, it will arrange other activities. The children are more good, and they are very reluctant to stay at home. They like the vast environment outside, accept A excitement from outside cold air, so that you can better increase immunity.

Finally, it is to meet the social needs of the children. In the kindergarten, you can play with more children. They are very happy, all is hard to replace home, can meet the children's social needs, winter If you often don't go to kindergarten, and the teacher or children's relationship, you will have a sparse, then the course of learning will be dropped, so as a parent, we can't think that kindergarten learning is not heavy, and for the children Requirements, if it is because of a cold or other body is not, then don't force the children to go to the kindergarten, first participate in some activities, will affect the restoration of the body, followed by it, it is very likely to be transmitted to other children, As a parent, we don't have to worry, put the children's body and say it. Ok, today's content is here.