Huo Qigang apologizes!The woman behind him can't hide!

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Huo Qigang apologizes!The woman behind him can't hide!

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Can not just temporary shelter for children and meticulous care, can also be a powerful lifetime support.

Author: summer wild

Parents Institute (ID: mama_cn) Original starting

Fok recent life is not tranquil.

In January 3, Fok attended a 170 participants attended the birthday party.

Among the guests was the result of two confirmed new crown, in accordance with the quarantine requirements, and Fok day hundreds of guests have to be isolated for 21 days.

The newly elected Legislative Council Members Fok first time in their own social network, issued a public apology.

This wave has not subsided, another head Mikhail Khodorkovsky family fighting over the estate case Youxian storm.

Noble chaos is not simple, and the public is more concerned about: Fok Guo Jingjing and still be able to stay out of this, an exception?

After all, starting with Guo Jingjing to marry Fok will move out of the mansion, choose to go its own way.

Fok now leaving the business in politics, quietly operates both a low-key and cautious politicians of the road.

Although the name of the mayor, along the way he can still maintain a high degree of self-discipline, not black material, no gossip, can be described as a clear stream rich second generation.

And a closer look at his family, he was of his body, is inseparable from the influence of his mother Loletta.


Her life, because of the unique and extraordinary

As we all know, Fok's mother, Loletta, but the first lady married in Hong Kong.

Few people may know, in fact, her own condition is extremely advantageous.

Born in well-off families, plus intelligent talent, Loletta not only mastered the Burmese, Mandarin, Cantonese, English and other languages;

And science has always been tyrants and secondary schools in Hong Kong International School, and matriculation in the King George V School, 16-year-old was recommended to study in the UK.

18 years old, she just stood on the site Miss Hong Kong campaign, he captured everyone's attention. Won the "Miss Hong Kong" and "Miss Photogenic" champion!

The campaign, her fame, not only was named "Hong Kong four stunning", but also by major celebrities mad pursuit.

And a public admirers, the number of Timothy Fok craziest.

Hero to the rescue, gentle enough, adhere to a daily visit the set, patiently cheer for every performance of Loletta.

This combination punch down, and finally opened the Loletta heart.

However, Mr Fok marriage proposal was rejected Loletta mother: "You must be careful him the big boss big your teens, what would you really, just to see you young and beautiful, you want as a plaything!."

Timothy Fok ensure even vowed, but really let him compromise Zhu mother, or daughter insisted: "Mom, he really loves me, I love him, age does not matter, we will be very happy."

Thus, a whole city shook wedding, Timothy Fok and opened the door Loletta married life.

Loletta that ever since Prince Charming and live happily, not knowing has ushered in a feather.

After marriage, differences in life has finally surfaced.

A party accustomed to fine dining, party prefer to explore the cuisine;

Wealthy multi-party rule, the party who yearn for freedom and independence;

Peach foot multi-party wealth, one of the pursuit for life one pair of people.

Differences over the years reached the pole, and finally, in spite of Loletta Huo family to stay, determined to divorce, and cleanse the family.

She had married Mr Fok is Love, free and easy to leave, all because of love is no longer.

Since then, starting to regain Loletta photography hobby, the office of the photography exhibition.

As Wai Yin Association Honorary President, and the members do charity together.

Sports and fitness, is also the theme of charity badminton tournament win.

Attend all important company meetings, Gongchoujiaocuo, work independently.

Standard Loletta make life choices is only one, and that is the election of their loved ones, had to be the life.

Loletta before the era of the concept of self-reliance, is engraved in her heart of hearts genes, so to ourselves, to the people will, too.


Sober and independent mother

The younger generation to become the greatest support

Over the years, Fok and Guo Jingjing "the most ground gas giants" marriage people talked about their unique way of education is people admired so much.

But of all this, are ultimately Loletta of "something" and "do certain things."

Loletta never do spokesman Guo Jingjing couples.

Guo Jingjing after the birth of a child, the Hong Kong media chasing asked Loletta, Guo Jingjing will be a couple, but was Loletta blocked back: "This is the clearest aspects of their own, their own decision, but child care is very hard to know the responsibility."

As a mother, do not intervene unobtrusive, fully back the initiative in the hands of his son and daughter.

And this was her "certain things."

Guo Jingjing Huo family decided to move out of the mansion 2.5 billion, all media speculation that she was abandoned by the wealthy, only Loletta know, she does not want their children involved in family disputes early, want to cultivate children's self-independent values.

With a woman, Loletta know what Guo Jingjing care, she has been engaged in supporting her career, but also on many public occasions, the fans turned Guo Jingjing sister: "Guo Jingjing in the eyes of a hundred points," "I did not waste childhood, training hard successful and very gentle. "

And this was her "some."

Sober mother escalated into a sober mother, for a small generation of life, there are degrees of advance and retreat, how can we not be grateful it?

Guo Jingjing many times openly declare her mother, for her Fok trained many outstanding qualities.

And independent Guo Jingjing, can also leave the principles of our own principles to educate children. The children did not walk into the road of giants, but they lived on the life of ordinary children.

There is no luxurious gas to eat and wear, and life is more focused on experience.

It is not only known to participate in public welfare activities and tries farming deeds, but their experience is reflected in life:

Guo Jingjing Birthday, Huo Qang just took his daughter to choose a gift for her mother;

Huo Qigang's birthday, the wish is "simple and happy, you are enough", and the map is a family of five to go to the bicycle outdoors;

The Mid-Autumn Festival lantern is made by Mom Guo Jingjing, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a common food, no luxury;

It can be said that on this road to the child's ordinary happy childhood, Huo Qigang's gorgeous background is not to have a road to the road;

It's just very fortunate. In the efforts of Zhu Lingling and Huo Qigang Guo Jingjing, from the moment of moving out of the luxury house, the children opened a door to ordinary life.

Born with a golden key is not really strong. I have seen the extravagant and still have a responsibility and justice. The teenager who knows that ordinary preciousness is the future of society!

Huo Qigang can have luxurious but choose a simple education method, which is the place where people admire.

If you return to the root, they can choose to simply, inseparable from Zhu Lingling's silent support.

A great woman really can bless and three generations.


In 2021, for Huo Qigang, it is inevitable for an extraordinary year.

Just in the Tokyo Olympics, Guo Jingjing once again rebooted his own career and became the referee scorepower of the Olympic Games.

As a few children, Guo Jingjing walks, there is less than Huo Qigang's full support.

This is not, Huo Qang is not only in the language to encourage Guo Jingjing, but also to support the big flag of Baby, with action to support your wife's business.

He is not talking about his mouth.

At this moment, the live catching Huo Qang just took the child to eat McDonald's, "Simple and a meal again";

Come, take the big son and the second daughter to visit the space museum.

My brother will help my sister to adjust the appliance; my sister is stunning with my father and brother, and cute.

During the night, I still drive to Guo Jingjing home.

He tanked out of his waiting photos and brought himself: "Wait until the wife, welcome home."

There is such a father who hosses a big camp, Guo Jingjing can be more assured to concentrate on his own business.

When Huo Qigang needs to support, Guo Jingjing naturally goes all out.

Just during the election to the volume of the ticket, Huo Qigang needs to rush to all districts in Hong Kong, and Guo Jingjing and his son have met with him, walk to the streets and participate in publicity.

On December 18, Huo Qigang also took photos to give commemoration. In addition to Guo Jingjing and his son Huo Zhongxi, Huo Jingjing.

The son is steadily c, and the eyebrows are very handsome. Huo Qang sits on the legs, Guo Jingjing squats on the ground, wearing fashion, gentle. Huo Qishan wears a white coat, and the whole person looks very sunshine.

On the 20th, the results were issued on the day. Guo Jingjing also held a vegetable flower.

Guo Jingjing and Huo Qigang's common advancement, lived the ideal husband and wife model of Zhu Lingling.

Zhu Lingling has always been a big moderator of the pursuit of independence.

She once opened a jewelry store in the UK.

However, the opening of the opening, Zhu Ling, immediately called Huo Zhenwu to return to China, and a old and small face sitting in the hall and prepared to check her.

Huo Zhenwu finally announced that Huojia's woman may not go out!

This matter, directly led to the anger of Zhu Lingling to move away from Hijia, but also buried a film for later marriage.

A good marriage, there shouldn't fold the wings of your mother, but should become the wind that helps her fly.

Because of his own asking, now Huo Qigang is awake, Guo Jingjing's independence, is bound to Zhu Lingling's independent impact.

It is said that mother is a home style, independent mother, awake my mother-in-law, is also a strong backing of Huo Qigang.


Zhu Lingling is a legend, she lives to be self, awake and take the initiative.

She independent self-improvement has been printed in the child's heart.

The so-called words and teaches, not for a while, it can see the results of the results, but the carving of fine water in a lifetime.

There may be only one Zhu Lingling in the world.

But the world is not lacked, such as she is a good mother who is active and awake.

As the 36-year-old building female worker who insists on reading a book every day;

Just as the baby sleeps, I learned my mother's 32-year-old mother in the early morning;

Just as the first female aircraft in the space with a daughter, Wang Yaping ...

They may not be different;

They may have different achievements;

They may have a successful life of the world ...

But in them, I saw us himself.

We are not Zhu Lingling, but we can also create our atmosphere with your own heart.

It is not only a timely care for the child, but also a strong support for a lifetime.


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