China has a number of people in the number of more than 125 million

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China has a number of people in the number of more than 125 million

2022-01-15 06:02:00 5 ℃

One person lives, a family food, one person tour, the current, the residential group is increasing.

China News Finance News In 2002, China's statistical yearbook found that in 2020, there were 494.416 million family households in the country, including "one person" family more than 125 million, accounting for more than 25%.

From 2021 China Statistical Yearbook.

Why is the size of a person home? What challenges and opportunities will bring to economic society? What should I deal with? Director of the Research Office of the Social Development Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center, the researcher Feng Wenhang accepted an exclusive interview with the "China New Observation" column of China and the above issues.

The recording of the interview is as follows:

China News reporter: According to China Statistical Yearbook, there are 494.16 million family households in the country, including 125490007, more than 150 million, accounting for more than 25%, what does this data mean?

Feng Wen Meng: China has a total of 125 million single households, this scale is very large, accounting for more than 25%, and it is not low in international horizontal comparison.

From the perspective of the structure, my country's current household households are mainly composed of two parts, part of the elderly single family, that is, the family in a living in the elderly, and the other is the young family of single families.

The seventh national census data shows that my country's senior population has 264 million people. The 2015 related survey has shown that the proportion of empty nests (elderly couples) and living in the elderly in the elderly have exceeded 50%. In recent years, the situation in the elderly is further increased in a living state, and the phenomenon of individuals in young people is further increased.

With the extension of the average life, the difference in endonal values ​​and the rise of bachelism, my country's single-house family size and accounting continue to expand, this is an inevitable trend of social development, not easy to use or Dramatic. But for its ratio and the rise of the rise, the whole society must give high attention.

Empty nice youth. China new network reporter Li Yun photo

Zhongxin Net reporter: The number of "one person" is so much, the lives in society seem to grow, what are the reasons behind?

Feng Wenmime: Single household now accounts for 1/4 of all family households, there are many economic and social reasons, from the specific content, the reason for the increase in single-person in the elderly and young people is different.

In the elderly single-person, with the continuous development of aging and the advancement of medical technology, the number of senate agents is further grown. Overall, the average life expectancy of women is higher than that in men. When the elderly couples die, they will leave an old man and become a single house. At the same time, due to changes in family ideas and differentiation of intergenerative values, the proportion of children and elderly lives is getting lower. These factors have led to the number of lives in the elderly and the proportion of further growth.

In young single households, young people have chosen alone in the early days of employment. This aspect stems from most young people belong to cross-regional mobile employment, objectively can't live with their parents; on the other hand, even if the parents are in the same city, due to life concept, living habits and behaviors, plus Independent free space desires, where conditions are allowed, and the proportion of individual residence leaves the parent is also further increased.

Over the past 40 years, China has experienced a rapid social change, and the housing conditions are improved, and the number of people who are inherent, and the number of late marriages and even unmarried people has increased. Different intergeneous values ​​and cognitive differences are very large, and the contradictions brought by cross-oriented lives will also be more than in this context.

China News Network reporter: The average population of households fell below 3, "One Household" increases, will it bring to what challenges from Chinese society?

Feng Wenmeng: The problems and challenges that are growing in single-house households have gradually highlighted, mainly in:

First, the problem of insufficient family pension is supplied. The increase in the elderly, and the home community needs to have accelerated development. At the same time, living alone has their own specific needs, such as the need to establish a more complete disease monitoring system to ensure that it can be treated in a timely treatment, increase the safe and peace of mind of living environment. Therefore, in the construction of pension services, it is necessary to build a more complete social home pension service system, which is more convenient, more burden, close to the old-age service around the elderly. Overall, the current demand is very large, but the gap is also very large.

Second, can you get a psychological comfort. People living alone are needed to give spiritual care, and they have long been for a long time. If there is no good emotional demolition channel, it is easy to produce some psychological problems, and some social problems may also cause some social problems. There is a certain relationship with the number of autistic populations in some countries in some countries, and there is a certain relationship with a single proportion. Although my country's current proportion of this problem is not too high, it cannot ignore the potential impact.

The third is a problem with young people's sense of responsibility. Under normal circumstances, the connection between the lives and the family is more weak, and the willingness of their responsibility will become even more fadless for a long time.

The fourth is the problem of affecting birth and population development. If you add a single young group, you will bring some adverse effects on marriage, family, and maintain a suitable fertility. This requires us to pay attention.

Data map. (图 图 有 无) China's new network reporter Li Wei Yun's new network reporter: "One person" increases, what new opportunities will bring to economic society?

Feng Wenfeng: With the increase of the number of single families, in recent years, the single economy presents the rapid development momentum. Some new demands have been promoted, and some new products, new services, new industries and new business models are also promoted.

For example, one person is increasingly selling well, and it has become a big trend. Eat in terms of work, there will be more products that meet one-person needs, 100 grams of rice, 50 ml whiskey, one-person hot pot, mini home appliance, mini KTV ... One person has a greater market opportunity.

In the future, there will be more business models to serve a living in a living. For example, provide disease monitoring to the elderly, providing safety services. Solving young people who don't want to do housework, don't cook. Overall, many services provided by the family need to be converted into a society, ordering, housekeeping, etc. will further increase, and the "lazy economy" "lazy economy" that spends money to buy time is more popular.

In addition, living groups need emotionally horses, and can provide a great development in the pets such as spiritual horses. This is an alternative to family emotions. There is also a smart housekeeper, accompanying robots, will also become a field of prospects.

In short, the single economy, personalized, specialized, and quality consumer scene will be more popular. Fitness, tourism and other face-to-individual interest clubs are also increasing, these are platforms for live-lived exchanges and emotional ventures to live outside of the family.

China News Network Reporter: In the context of fertility, family mathematical, population aging, the family size continues to shrink, how should a public policy respond?

Feng Wen Meng: From a historical change, China's family household size is constantly narrowing, and this change is more obvious in recent years. Data show that the first national census in 1953, each household size is 4.33, rose to 4.43 in 1964, and began to decline in 1982, the average family household size is 4.41, fell to 3.44 in 2000, 2010 The year dropped to 3.10, and then further fell to 2.62 people per household, fell below the family of three.

In the past few decades, the changes in China's family scale are affected by family planning policies, and on the other hand, it is also the result of economic and social environmental changes. Women's labor participation rate has increased, and residents accept the growth of education. The performance of the society is reduced by "raising children and anti-old". The cost of urbanization is promoted, and the cost of maternity and education is improved.

However, maintaining appropriate home scale and suitable fertility levels are the foundation of a long-term sustainable development. In response to the trend of the above, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the size of the family from continuing to narrow, respond to the trend of rising single family.

How to do? On the one hand, it is necessary to reverse the value orientation of not willing to marry and give birth, advocate the importance of marriage, family, fertility in the country, emphasize the meaning of population, let more people realize the value of fertility and the responsibility of family and society, and reduce Some people have a negative impression of marriage, family and fertility.

The spending of bachelorism is not long. Many people have not realized some problems with their self-mind and social development for a long time. Therefore, to create a social environment and cultural atmosphere that is conducive to marriage education, guiding them to Marriage, family, fertility formation is more active, rather than marriage and makeup don't matter. When a person's life is young, it is really chic, there is no trouble and burden, you can do whatever you want, but when you go to middle age, some problems are indeed a person.

At the same time, it is also necessary to provide policy and service support, many people subjectively do not want to choose a living alone, but objectively is in this state due to various reasons. To create a better marriage environment, on the one hand, we must provide more complete marriage services. On the other hand, it is necessary to take real measures to solve the problem of excessive fertility education. People care, the cost of care is inadequate, and so on.