The baby is sour is indigestion?5 major causes to teach you to judge

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The baby is sour is indigestion?5 major causes to teach you to judge

2022-01-15 06:02:18 21 ℃

The food decomposes in the intestine to form a feces, while the bacteria in the intestine will corrupt food, and these products finally form a stool of odor, and odor is mainly derived from hydrazine and hydrogen sulfide (odor eggs).

Under normal circumstances, breastfeeding babies are basically not stinky, and the formula feeding baby will have a little smell.

When adding complementary food, the baby invested various protein foods. The ingredients of food residue have a subtle change, and the baby's stool tastes will be more heavy.

Specifically, the baby has the following reasons.

Food factor

The baby may become unpleasant when edible food or processing of foods.

This is due to the increase in high protein food intake, the small intestine can not be completely absorbed, and the protein defragmentation in the feces is high, and the flavor will produce a more smelling.

Moreover, most of the high-fat foods contain both nitrogen and sulfur ingredients, after the body is intake of such food, the fecal odor pulls out will be aggravated.


When the baby's stool is not particularly changed, or the stool is just slightly thin, it is recommended to find the baby's recent food factors, breastfeeding mothers can also find their own food factors, but usually no need to choose no choice "Taboo".

food allergy

Small babies have painless blood or long diarrhea, accompanied by sumeage, considering food allergy, especially milk protein allergy.

Food allergies have a variety of diversification, such as rash, vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, blood, sleep instability, anorexia, and indisputation, etc.

Of course, allergies don't have to appear on a baby, and many food allergies are just 1 or two allergic symptoms.


First of all, pay attention to actively investigate suspicious allergens from the diet structure, temporarily stopping food that may cause baby allergies. Consult professionals seek diagnostics and guidance if necessary.

If the height is suspected of milk protein allergies, it can be replaced with depth hydrolyzed milk powder or amino acid milk powder under the guidance of the doctor.

The daily addition of complementary food must follow the principle of "by the thin and thick, by a single to diverse, by fine to thick", newly added food does not have uncomfortable symptoms attempted 3 ~ 5 days, try other new food supplements .

Lactose is not resistant

Infant lactose is often temporary, most of the long-term diarrhea "secondary lactose is not resistant".

Dractose is not tolerant, after consumption of more dairy products (including breast milk or lactose milk powder, or fresh milk, etc.) may be relieved, bloating, abdominal pain, nausea and other discomfort.


Lactose is not tolerant itself is a common phenomenon, essentially it can be improved.

Consider the baby who is not tolerant, you can try to give your baby a lactose preparation before drinking breast milk (give your baby later according to the instructions); if it is a baby fed by milk powder, you can also consider switching with a lactose milk powder for a while, The stool will return to normal, and then slowly transition to ordinary milk powder.

When the stool returns to normal, the lactase in the body will gradually recover, and the dairy products can be eaten normally.

Intestinal infection

Intestinal infection (including bacteria, viruses, etc.) can result in stagnation, especially quite dilute or with mucus or blood, and the baby may have symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, fever.


The above symptoms occur, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time, test the stool, and timely diagnose treatment.


Taking antibiotics will destroy the subtle balance of bacteria and bad bacteria in the intestines, resulting in stool smell, possibly with diarrhea.


In most cases, this type of symptom will soon disappear after completing antibiotics. Antibiotics are disabled without the need therefrom.

Try to avoid edible wheat, dairy and high fiber foods (such as bran, bran, etc.), these foods will further stimulate the intestines. If there is a diarrhea, you can give your baby a lot of liquid (milk or water, hydrogen salt) to avoid dehydration.

Norms use antibiotics to avoid antibiotics without clinical diagnosis.

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