Grandma rainy day, Chen female is amazed, and her umbrella is very powerful, netizen: This child raises quite

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Grandma rainy day, Chen female is amazed, and her umbrella is very powerful, netizen: This child raises quite

2022-01-15 12:06:15 27 ℃

Grandma rainy day, Chen female is amazed, and her umbrella is very powerful, netizen: This child raises quite

In our point of view, most grandparents took their own grandson and grandchildren when they were very careful, from the child's food to the child, they will be prepared. However, there is always an exception of everything, and some grandparents will have a ridiculous joke.

Xiaomin and his husband have been married for several years. Last year, the old man was urged to have a child, and finally the child was born. As a mother, Xiao Min really wants to accompany her own daughter, but why The economic conditions in the family are really not allowed. So after the maternity leave, Xiaomin can only give the child to her mother-in-law, go back to the company to go to work, let the family's economic is getting better.

Although Xiaomin's mother-in-law agreed to bring children, some aspects did not very fine, maybe the old man's own personality is so. At first, grandmother was only responsible for the granddaughter, and later the child got a kindergarten, and her grandmother took the task of sending children to kindergarten. On this day, my grandmother went to the kindergarten to pick up the child as usual. Because the weather is relatively yin, the grandmother took an umbrella. It turns out that the grandmother decided to do quite correct, because she just received her own granddaughter, rain Down.

After receiving the child, the two embarked on the way home, but walked, the little girl felt that it was not too good, because her hair was full, the little girl was very confused, did you be an umbrella? ? So she told her grandmother. After hear her grandmother, she didn't look at her little granddaughter. It directly said that the umbrella at home was very large, and she would not let her get it, helplessly, the little girl can only Continue to walk with your grandmother.

Other passengers who see the granddaughter in an umbrella posture have exposed a surprised expression, they still saw such a unreliable grandmother! The original grandmother only hit the umbrella in his head, and the granddaughter was exposed to the rain, so they will be wet, this grandma is really heart, granddaughter said that it was rained, didn't look at it. Netizens also spit: This child is raised.

So how can you avoid the child's rain?

First, when you are an umbrella, parents can hold their children in arms. After all, the space of the umbrella is limited, the parents feel that the umbrella is enough, but in fact, there will still be sporadic rainfall to fall into the child, so parents can take the child when they are inserting, so they can avoid the child. . Of course, if the child is more big, the parents can also consider buying a umbrella alone, letting the children play themselves.

Second, buy a small raincoat for your child. Since the umbrella is not enough, then mothers can consider buying a raincoat. For good moving, short children, raincoats are still fit, and the raincoat can protect the child in all directions, avoid rainfall to children Body.