What is the boys in early pregnancy?These 3 pregnant women must know, don't be fooled.

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What is the boys in early pregnancy?These 3 pregnant women must know, don't be fooled.

2022-01-15 12:06:18 15 ℃

We waited less than 3 months of pregnancy, this heavenly toilet when she found blood on the underwear, she went out and scared to tell her mother. After her mother know she laughed and said see red in early pregnancy is a good thing, which implies having a boy, do not worry. I waited dubious, and he was not the end, and then asked several friends had a baby. My friends say there is no such statement, but also let her observe, see if there is abdominal pain cases, not go to the hospital. Then her mother waited so there is no reason to say it? 3:00 Pregnant women should know this, do not be fooled.

1. see red in early pregnancy normal?

Many pregnant women early in pregnancy will appear. See the red, if less bleeding than pregnant women, and no other symptoms, then it is likely to be implantation bleeding, pregnancy is a normal reaction and does not affect fetal development. In this case, pregnant women need to worry about, pay attention to rest, nutrition supplements well on it. If the bleeding is larger than pregnant women, but also accompanied by severe abdominal pain, then this is likely to be threatened abortion, signs of ectopic pregnancy, pregnant women can not be underestimated, it is best to go to hospital to confirm.

2. miscarriage in early pregnancy, see red with it?

This problem is actually still have to be analyzed according to the specific circumstances, if only a small amount of bleeding, pregnant women pay attention to rest enough. Or is found after checking fetal heart rate is normal, the fetus is usually not dangerous, pregnant women home resting on it. If the situation is more serious, then it is required miscarriage in pregnant women. Try to get more rest at home and do nothing. If you need to take some medicine miscarriage, or if there are other doctors recommend that pregnant women should actively cooperate with treatment, as soon as possible so that the fetus out of danger.

3. see red in early pregnancy and fetal sex on the right?

In fact, if after reading the top of the content, pregnant women will know the answer to this question. Like her mother waited this argument is no scientific basis, even if after a pregnant woman to believe this is the case, is likely to delay the best time to treat the fetus. Cause pregnant women see red in the early stages of pregnancy, mainly embryos, pregnant women, or by the external stimulus and other factors, and sex of the fetus does not have any relationship, pregnant women can not be fooled.

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Amoy mom: on civil methods that determine sex of the fetus, pregnant women must be rational to look at, can not believe what people say. These claims are basically just the older generation of the voice of experience, there is no scientific basis. Pregnant women should believe in science, but do not because I believe that argument and affect fetal development.