New Zealand's 2021 newborn's most common surname, it is it!

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New Zealand's 2021 newborn's most common surname, it is it!

2022-01-15 12:06:02 18 ℃


Singh surname, two consecutive years have become the most common surname in New Zealand newborn.

Last week, New Zealand was responsible for managing the internal affairs department of birth, death and marriage announced the latest data -

New Zealand's 2021 baby's most common last name is Singh, the second place is Smith, the third place is kaur.

Singh was originally a baptism of male Sikh, but it has been widely used by Nonek.

Kaur corresponds to SINGH, which is used for women, but now there are many women use SingH surnames, hoping to eliminate the system of surname, and convey the idea of ​​"everyone equal".

Patel also is the surname of India, more than 500,000 people in the overseas Indians use the surname.

The list of these three surnames reflects the trend of New Zealand immigration and religion.

The person in charge said that every year New Zealand will announce the number of newborn's number of ranks, and you can feel how the communities across the country grow and prosper.

▲ Harry Singh and Gurpreet Kaur ushered in the baby

If you look from Auckland, 2021 new Chinese surname "Wang" and "Li" are ranked in the fifth and sixth place in Auckland, but they have not appeared in the top ten lists in the country.

Similarly, Anderson and Thomas have the sixth and eighth names of South Island, but they have not entered the general list.

After 99% of the Chinese, the written test was taken once.